Celebs go Dating: The Mansion is wrapping up its series on E4, after number of weeks the dates, dramas and also decisions. So that is still together?

A line-up that celebrities, from Ibiza club owner Wayne Lineker come Coronation Street’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson, started off ~ above the search for ‘the one’.

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With really hopes to accomplish their perfect match, castle faced accidents and mis-matches, but learned a lot about themselves with the assist of Anna and also Paul.

Relationship expert Paul Brunson has reportedly revealed that two couples are still together, for this reason let’s try to uncover exactly who they are…


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Whitney and also Karim

Whitney and also Karim space not together

They make the efforts to remain in touch, yet their love didn’t last the distance.

One pan commented ~ above Whitney’s picture with: “Please call me you still v Karim”, i m sorry the Celebs Go date star responded to through a like.

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While this can be a hint the they can still be loved up, lock spent most of the collection together – v some arguments along the way.

However, they are still adhering to each various other on Instagram!

Whitney and Karim"s track is incredible can I simply say ns love it. Put it in the chart and it will certainly go a long method