Performances scheduled for November 2021 and also January to February 2022 have actually been canceled, despite Dion"s Courage world Tour is still set to kick turn off on in march 9, 2022.

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The opened of Celine Dion’s upcoming residency at the Resorts people Theatre in ras Vegas has been delayed due to medical reasons, the singer announced.

The Grammy-winning artist had actually been readying to open up her new show top top Nov. 5, but those to plan have because been delayed in irradiate of severe and persistent muscle spasms the are preventing her native performing as well as rehearsing, according to a statement released by Dion and her team. She is being repeatedly evaluated by her clinical team.

Performances slated to operation Nov. 5 with Nov. 20 have been canceled, and also performances running in between Jan. 19 and Feb. 5, 2022. New residency dates have yet to be announced. Dion’s Courage people Tour is tho slated come resume march 9, 2022.

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In a statement, the singer mutual that she to be “heartbroken” by the delay.

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“My team and I have been working on our brand-new show because that the past eight months, and also to not have the ability to open this November saddens me beyond words,” the explain reads. “My partner at Resorts people Las Vegas and AEG have been working approximately the clock to obtain this brand-new modern theatre ready, and it’s for sure beautiful. I feel so negative that I’m letting castle down, and also I’m specifically sorry for disappointing all the pan who’ve to be making their plans to pertained to Las Vegas. Now, I have actually to emphasis on getting much better … I desire to acquire through this as shortly as ns can.”

In response to the news the she would certainly be delaying her ras Vegas residency, john Meglen, president and co-CEO of concerts West/AEG Presents, said the firm prioritized her “focus on emotion better.”

“In our two-decade-long partnership with Celine, we’ve absolutely learned how committed and sturdy she is, and also that she is many happy once she’s onstage doing what she loves most, performing for she fans. We’re all set to announce new Las vegas show days whenever Celine is ready.”

Scott Sibella, president of Resorts people Las Vegas, also supported Dion’s decision to delay the show, noting that “nothing is an ext important” 보다 the singer’s well-being and that the agency supports “Celine in what we understand was one incredibly daunting decision to delay her shows.”

Details roughly the ticket refund procedure can be uncovered on Dion’s website, follow me with second announcement that a distinct pre-sale providing those refunded ticketholders an initial access to her newly scheduled opened dates.