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Celine Dion and also Rene Angelil may have had one that the most well-documented romances in the music business.

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The "My Heart will certainly Go On" singer"s 73-year-old husband the 21 years passed away on Thursdayafter a long battle with neck cancer. The legend music manager is likewise survived through the couples three children, René-Charles, 14, and 5-year-old pair Nelson and Eddy, together with three children from previous relationships -- Patrick, Jean-Pierre, and also Anne-Marie.

After meeting as soon as Celine was just 12, together her manager and mentor, the couple"s connection turned romantic in 1987. When looking back at their storied relationship, it"s difficult not come see just how deeply these 2 cared because that one another. Below is a timeline of several of those one-of-a-kind moments in Celine and Rene"s long and also enduring love.

1987: The connection begins.

When Celine turns 19, she and also Rene, 45, become romantically involved, and also will continue dating for 4 years.

1991: Celine and Rene acquire engaged.

The same year together Rene"s health and wellness scare, Celine starts to break out into popular music superstardom after record the theme track to Beauty and also the Beast, a duet v Peabo Bryson.

Dec. 17, 1994: Rene and Celine marry in ~ Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Quebec.

This is Rene"s third marriage, and also will eventually be his last.

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"I went to his office and also I sang in prior of him and I to be 12 years old, and also we"ve been working together since that time," Celine speak ET in a open minded interview v ET.

"I"m not surprised that we married each other, due to the fact that we have the very same dreams," she continues. "We have actually the same goals. We respect every other."

1998-1999: Rene"s cancer fight begins.

After learning a lump in his neck, Rene is diagnosed v throat cancer. Celine takes two years turn off to be with her husband as he undergoes 2 operations and also six weeks of radiation treatment.

"When something choose this happens to friend it hits you for this reason hard," Celine says at the time. "But ns felt very solid because I claimed to myself, "Rene demands me possibly for the first time in mine life.""

Jan. 2000: Vow regeneration in ras Vegas.

Rene is claimed cancer complimentary in 2000 and also the pair renew your vows at an Arabian nights-themed consciousness in las Vegas.

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2009: Rene supposedly undergoes heart-related medical procedure.

Oct. 23, 2010: their fraternal twins, Eddy and also Nelson, room born.

Celine and also Rene now have three kids together.

2011: The entirety family.

Rene has actually a second tumor eliminated from his throat, prompting Celine to take an indefinite leaving of absence from her las Vegas residency.

June 2014: Rene procedures down together Celine"s manager.

However, the stays involved in her company decisions.

May 2015: Celine opens up about delaying her residency.

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Celine reveals come ET the the decision to postpone she residency was no a daunting one to make.

"It"s not hard to take time off," the legend singer shares. "It"s not tough to be v him, obviously. It"s not difficult to be v the family and the kids. It"s hard since life imposes points on you."

"We recognize the path that he"s going, the treatments," she adds. "I knew he to be amazing. He"s such a champ."

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Aug. 2015: Rene convinces Celine to go back to her residency.

Celine speak ET the Rene wants her earlier on stage.

"We don"t know what the future holds," she says, adding that Rene told she to it is in "back, strong, do it, quiet share her passion."

Sept. 2015: Celine states Rene"s throat cancer is "terminal."

Celine shows up to involved terms that Rene"s life is comes to an end, after ~ revealing come fans, "Rene states to me, ‘I desire to die in her arms.""

"We have asked numerous times, "How lengthy does he have? three weeks? three months?’ Rene wants to know,” the pop star tells Closer Weekly. “But they say they don’t know.”

"He"s to be there for me every my life, and I"ve to be there because that him all my life," she adds. "There"s a part of me that never ever really left the stage. I want to be there however I essential to it is in someplace rather which was much an ext important at that time. To be by his side. To be by mine family."

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Dec 17, 2015: Celine and also Rene celebrate your last anniversary together.

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21 years.

Jan. 14, 2016: Rene"s death.

Less than a month ~ the couple"s 21st anniversary, Rene die of throat cancer at home in Henderson, Nevada.

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"René Angélil passed far this morning in ~ his residence in ras Vegas ~ a long and also courageous battle versus cancer," his rep says in a statement. "The family members requests that their privacy be respect at the moment; much more details will be noted at a later on time."

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Celine Dion's Husband Rene Angelil dies After Long battle With Cancer

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