Note: This post was critical updated Oct 16, 2021 and will proceed to be updated as much more official announcements are made about Day of the Dead 2021 events in Mexico City.

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Day that the Dead in Mexico City is a festive and fascinating time, through so many different things to do!

There space intimate candlelit cemeteries come wander with for an intimate suffer of this ancestral tradition. However there are also many huge & festive job of the Dead occasions in Mexico City, such together parades and concerts that frequently take place and many of which space resuming for 2021!

There are so numerous intriguing points to execute for day of the Dead in Mexico City. Massive ofrendas (remembrance altars) are put up in Mexico City’s Zócalo (central plaza) and also elsewhere. Nighttime watercraft rides through old canals through special Día de Muertos performances is one more fun point to execute on job of the Dead in Mexico City. For more culture, walk to one of the Mexico City’s renowned museums, which additionally display sophisticated ofrendas. Or sign up with in the party at one of the countless Day the the Dead celebrations, spread throughout Mexico City’s colonias (neighborhoods).

Yet over there are also many simple Day the the Dead activities in Mexico City the everyone can partake, just about anywhere in the city. For example, the heritages of getting a catrina confront paint or eat pan de muerto are both must-dos throughout Day of the Dead in CDMX.

Of course, work of the Dead was a much various affair in Mexico City critical year. If some occasions were canceled, rather were properly held. Because that 2021 plenty of of Mexico City’s work of the Dead heritages are following this year! Yet part past occasions that are being readjusted or canceled. And there are also some brand brand-new Dia de los Muertos occasions in Mexico City announced because that 2021!


Day the the Dead in Mexico City

Day of the Dead is a one-of-a-kind holiday throughout Mexico. Known locally as Día de Muertos, this annual heritage is to remember and honor deceased household members. There is a id that throughout this time the dead come closer to be through those of us who are living. The a beautiful tradition that is distinctive to Mexico.

In fact, the holiday was even inscribed as one of Mexico’s intangible Unesco civilization Heritage Sites, appropriate alongside mariachi and tequila! (Read the full Unesco description.)

These beautiful legacies shine brightly throughout Mexico’s big sprawling funding city.


Why take trip to Mexico City for Day the the Dead

Day of the Dead is well worth traveling to Mexico come experience. Yet there are always many locations throughout the nation to consider.

The town of Patzcuaro has come to be arguably among the most famous places to observe these cultural traditions surrounding Día de Muertos. Oaxaca is an additional notable city to watch the job of the Dead customs. Or head further south to the state the Chiapas, whereby the native traditions come lively in San Cristobal de ras Casas.

Yet below in Mexico City, job of the Dead celebrations incorporate many old and new traditions alike. It provides for a particularly attractive city in Mexico to suffer Dia de los Muertos.


Additionally, the plenty of flight connections to Mexico City do the resources city an easy place to take trip to because that Day of the Dead. Over there are plenty of economical direct flights throughout Mexico, native the US, and further abroad. To celebrate work of the Dead in Mexico City, there’s often no require for airport layovers, buses, or included travel. So merely for the convenience, Mexico City can be an attractive selection to celebrate work of the Dead. This holds an especially true for those traveling to Mexico native abroad.

Day the the Dead in Mexico City is a very festive time to be in the nation’s capital. Many of Mexico City’s roads are colorfully decorated. There’s a funny mood in the air. Even bars and restaurants throughout CDMX placed up job of the Dead ofrendas during this vacation period.

But perhaps among the ideal things about Day that the Dead Mexico City is the there’s together a broad abundance that activities to partake in, native intimate gatherings at cemeteries to huge festive celebrations. Favor many elements of Mexico City, whatever tends to be large here. Day of the Dead in Mexico City is no exception.

The several Day the the Dead events in Mexico City selection from social to commercial. It have the right to be a small tricky figuring out specifically where come go and also what events are many worth attending, and particularly so for 2021.

We’ve commemorated this unique holiday in CDMX in a cool attempt to seek out the most interesting things to carry out in Mexico City during Day that the Dead. This comprehensive travel guide now provides our proposal for everyone considering work of the Dead in Mexico City in 2021 or beyond.


When Is day of the Dead in Mexico City?

Day of the Dead falls on November 2 each year throughout Mexico. Yet in Mexico City, the holiday can regularly feel choose a weeklong affair. Job of the Dead festivities typically start in Mexico City on the Saturday prior to Dia de los Muertos, together the parade rolls through the capital. Then, the night of October 31 kicks turn off a 3-day wire of job of the Dead activities in Mexico City.

October 31: eve of Dia de Muertos and also is likewise known together noche de brujas (night of the witches). November 1: Day the the Innocents, commemorates deceased children. November 2: the actual Day the the Dead.

It all makes for a busy and also festive three days to spend in Mexico City!

In Mexico City, the job of the Dead holiday period tends to expand past those three days, specifically during years when those days have the right to be connected with a weekend. Mexico loves that fiestas after all! since Day of the Dead falls on a Tuesday in 2021, festivities will certainly be underway through Saturday Oct 30, with much more traditional gatherings occurring Monday and Tuesday, Nov 1-2, 2021.


Day that the Dead in Mexico City dates for 2021

Given the ever-evolving an international conditions this year, it’s been difficult to predict exactly how Day of the Dead in Mexico City might unfold in 2021. Yet throughout the an initial half that October official sources, such as the CDMX tourism Department, have actually formally announced many Day that the Dead occasions for 2021, as an ext announcements will be forthcoming.

Last year, a number of Mexico City’s work of the Dead occasions were canceled since they commonly draw big crowds. For this reason there to be no significant parades, cemetery visits, large ofrendas, nor big neighborhood celebrations in Mexico City. Few of those events, including the job of the Dead parade, will go back to Mexico City in some format for 2021.

The many events the were maybe to happen last year (with safety and also sanitation steps in place) are completely expected come return in 2021. Plenty of museums to be still able to display screen their ofrendas for tourists to watch in person last year. The Legend that La Llorona boat trips and performances tho took location throughout the Xochimilco canals. Over there was also a special Day of the Dead performance in a historical theatre, among other events. These events, and more, will occur in 2021.

This write-up details what are generally the best things to perform for work of the Dead in Mexico City, updated to incorporate events that have been evidenced for 2021.

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10 best Things to perform for day of the Dead in Mexico City 2021

Below lists every the info, details, and firsthand referrals for what to execute in Mexico City for Day of the Dead. Additionally, here is a map showing the ar of everything provided throughout this travel guide.