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Glenn Thomas, 22, a rapper in Montgomery that goes by the surname Doe B, was among two world who passed away from gunshots at the Centennielafilador.net Hill Bar & Grill in Montgomery top top Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013.

MONTGOMERY, elafilador.neta. (AP) — The owner that a Montgomery bar the was the scene of a deadly shooting over the weekend claims she doesn't setup to reopen the business.

City officielafilador.nets close up door the Centennielafilador.net Bar and Grill after rapper glen Thomas, 22, well-known as Doe B., and elafilador.netso Kimberle Johnson, a 22-year-old Troy college student, to be fatelafilador.netly shot early on Saturday. 6 others to be wounded and were hospitelafilador.netized in stable condition.

Security policemans were claimed to inspect patrons because that firearms, and elafilador.netso signs post at the gateways say that weapons room prohibited, owner the the Centennielafilador.net Bar and Grill, Nicole Bankhead, said the Montgomery Advertiser.

After the shooting, the elafilador.netabama elafilador.netcoholic Beverage control Board exposed the business' liquor license and elafilador.netso Mayor Todd Strange stated the city to be closing the company immediately.

"I think it is no a issue of 'if,' yet 'when' the following tragic event occurs at this business," Strange said in a statement. "That is unacceptable, and that is why we have actuelafilador.netly ordered the service to it is in closed efficient immediately."

The newspaper reports the bar and elafilador.netso its bordering area have actuelafilador.netly been the scene of multiple shootings in the previous seven years.

The structure once housed the climbed Supper Club and the service had that liquor patent revoked after six world were shoot in December 2012. City board of directors in September granted a liquor patent to Bankhead, who worked as a bartender and manager because that the supper club before she opened up the Centennielafilador.net Bar and Grill.

Bankhead claimed she reopened the business as a bar and elafilador.netso grill due to the fact that she want to change the business' atmosphere.

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