Melissa Carter Florida primary at central Elementary college not to confront charges because that paddling six year old girl
Melissa Carter Florida major will not face charges because that paddling six year old girl.

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Melissa Carter major at Clewiston Florida main Elementary college will not be charged because that paddling 6 year old son after mother requested punishment. Mom hires lawyer. 

A Florida elementary school primary caught on viral video beating a six year old girl with a wood paddle, will not be fee for ‘punishing the student’ follow to a state attorney. 

The decision not to charge Melissa Carter, primary at Central elementary School in Lewiston, Hendry County, come after the child’s mother requested the principal ‘spank’ she misbehaving daughter follow to according to Deputy chef Assistant State lawyer Abraham R. Thornbury.

The request was make after the child was lugged to account because that damaging a college computer.

The decision no to press charges has since led come the mom now rental an lawyer according come TheGrio. The note, it was the mother who released the video clip of the ‘paddling’, the state’s office reiterated.

State attorneys stated that the mommy purposefully omitted her giving permission to the educator in the now ‘edited’ famous video.

A 6yo son in FL. To be beaten by her institution principal, in prior of she mother, for damage she allegedly brought about to a computer. ⚠️ this video is graphic. That infuriating, outrageous & shocking & the principal is currently under criminal investigation. Https://t.co/M3cIZeTMKa pic.twitter.com/HPAcbYXlXe

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DavidBegnaud) may 2, 2021

Melissa Carter Florida primary seen in viral video clip paddling six year old girl.

Edited video clip released failed to display entire episode

‘It is of keep in mind that edited parts of the full video appear to have been cut and released to the media at different times, and have led to an incomplete and also misleading account of the event to the public,’ Thornburg wrote in a letter to Sgt. Thomas Lewis of the Clewiston Police Department.

The paddling occurred on April 13 after school staffer Celia Self referred to as the un-named mother and told her to lug $50 come the college to salary for loss to school computer equipment.

Deputy chief Assistant State lawyer Abraham R. Thornbury said the contact was conducted in Spanish. The mommy was notified her daughter had actually intentionally damaged the equipment, with the mother responding the she had actually been damaging things at residence as well.

‘Ms. Self further declared that (the mother) then asked for that the college spank the son for her, come which Ms. Self replied that she would have to physically come to the school, particularly request such discipline, and be present during the spanking if she wished college staff to carry out it for her,’ Thornbury wrote. ‘According come both Ms. Carter and also Ms. Self, (the mother) then came down on the school and made the request.’

Melissa Carter major at central Elementary School.

Corporal penalty in Florida

The girl to be hit three times through a paddle and warned that it might happen again if she misbehaved.

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‘Both staff members appear to law the child and her mom with respect throughout this process,’ Thornbury competed in his report.

The child’s mommy has obtained an attorney, and also Thornbury alleges she has actually not been participating with the police investigation. The un-named mommy insists The mother she let the paddling happen because she to be afraid and secretly recorded it.