The ice cream skating rinks provided below market a safe means to celebrate the cold weather. Please speak to rinks before your visit to check hours, together outdoor skating rink schedules can readjust due come weather conditions.

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All of our ice skating rinks room accessible. Adaptive ADA ice sleds are available for free.

Important Ice safety and security Guidelines

Never go on frozen waters.Parents and caregivers need to make sure kids are never unattended near ice.If girlfriend hear cracking, lie down immediately to try to distribute your weight.If girlfriend witness who falling with ice, never attempt to do a rescue through yourself. Speak to 911 and also notify the proper authorities. Be certain to provide the specific location and also an account that the incident.
NameLocationPhoneAccessibleMore Info
Abe stark RinkConey Island coast & Boardwalk

Coney Island Boardwalk and also West 19th Street

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rink is closeup of the door to basic skating.

(718) 946-6536More Information
LeFrak center at LakesideProspect ParkLincoln Road and also Ocean Avenue(718) 462-0010More Information

NameLocationPhoneAccessibleMore Info
Lasker RinkCentral ParkEntrance just south of park entrance in ~ 110th Street & Lenox Avenue.
Lasker Rink and also Pool is closed in order to rebuild the basic to increase accessibility to nearby communities and enhance year-round programming. For an ext information, visit central Park Conservancy"s Lasker Rink and also Pool restoration page.
(917) 492-3856More Information
The Rink in ~ Bryant ParkBryant ParkBetween 40th and also 42nd Streets(917) 438-5166More Information
Wollman RinkCentral ParkCentral Park in ~ 63rd Street(212) 439-6900More Information

NameLocationPhoneAccessibleMore Info
World ice cream ArenaFlushing grasslands Corona ParkAvery Avenue and 131 Street(718) 760-9001 or (718) 760-9005More Information

NameLocationPhoneAccessibleMore Info
WWII Veterans battle Memorial ice Skating RinkClove Lakes ParkVictory Blvd., west of Clove Rd.(718) 720-1010More Information

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