A rendering of the new Wollman Rink under WPP. Credit transaction VStudios co-designed by Gensler and also Rockwell Group.

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By Carol Tannenhauser

It was never a cheap to skate in ~ Wollman Rink, the iconic ice cream skating rink in ~ the southern finish of main Park. Once the Trump organization ran that — before it was wrested from the former president’s company as a result of his alleged part in the January 6th insurrection — it price a family of two adults and also two children, $100 because that admission and to rental skates and lockers on a weekend — and that doesn’t include food or drinks.

In November, when the rink will hopefully reopen, it’s going to obtain even much more expensive. Some prices at Wollman Rink are collection to increase under the brand-new concessionaire liked to renovate and run it for the next five years, follow to a record compiled by Manhattan Borough president Gale Brewer’s office. That hypothetical family members of 4 will now pay $116.

Wollman Park Partners, llc (WPP) is the reality that to be awarded the Wollman contract on July 6th. That is composed of The associated Companies, Harris Blitzer sports & entertainment (a new Jersey-based agency that own the new Jersey Devils and also Philadephia Flyers), and Equinox, partly owned through Related. A spokesperson because that WPP contends the the rises in price are minimal to adults, and will salary for costly renovations and also reduced or cost-free admission for very first responders, nonprofits, and also low-income groups.

“This is a non-profit venture with the goal of upgrading Wollman Rink and also making it accessible to every of brand-new York in a way that it hasn’t been previously,” said a spokesperson for WPP. “The rink requires far-reaching investment come modernize and upgrade. We have kept pricing the very same for children and also seniors, when introducing new discounts for first responders and our community partners. We have proposed a little increase in the adult admission, which will then allow us to provide totally free or low-cost programming come non-profit groups and youth that would no otherwise have the ability to have access to the facility. This is about creating a pricing structure that achieves accessibility, enables for long overdue upgrades come the site, and serves brand-new Yorkers from all walks that life.”

Following space price comparisons between the Trump-run rink and what WPP proposes. (We apologize for the poor quality of the reproduction.) that shows other price increases, including for skate and also locker rentals and also groups. Testifying in ~ a windy hearing prior to the Franchise and Concession testimonial Committee (FCRC) top top July 21st, Brewer said, “I perform not think about these price to be affordable.”

Via Gale Brewer’s office.

In enhancement to skating fees, Comptroller Scott Stringer doubted the potential cost of food and drinks under WPP in a letter to the FCRC.

“The covenant does not permit for the City or the public to recognize the full cost of a visit come this location, such together the price of food and also beverages,” the wrote. “A sample menu was had in its proposal but was not consisted of in this Agreement. If prices are not consisted of in this Agreement, the City cannot hold the contractor accountable over the five-year contract, making it imperative that fair and reasonable prices space locked before the contract is finalized.”

Brewer additionally called for clarification of the percent of hrs that will certainly be dedicated to private events and also “buyouts,” which would restrict usage of the rink to the public. She stressed “the prestige in limiting the number of events that would certainly prohibit the public from accessing this new space,” and also called for “a hard cap ~ above these species of large scale events. Wollman Rink is a public asset and also should remain accessible to the public, for this reason this lid on restrictions to the public is a necessity,” she said.

Brewer proclaimed upfront that her an option for concessionaire was the main Park Conservancy. “For decades, the central Park Conservancy has actually been the steward of main Park, taking care of every maintenance and also operational needs and also has the experience and history to it is in the ideal operator of Wollman Rink,” she said. She cited WPP’s absence of experience, pointing out that it had only been formed on June 9th, 2021, and “could not maybe have any kind of operational suffer of any sort.”

Another calculation of the new Wollman Rink.

Brewer dubbed for the central Park Conservatory come assume control of Wollman Rink in 5 years, after ~ the WPP contract operation out.

The contract was awarded come WPP by the brand-new York City room of Parks and Recreation, which stood by your choice.

”Wollman Park Partners’ standout qualities include their commitment to ar partners, programming, and capital enhancements for the prompt future together operator that Wollman Rink—promising not to take it profit and also instead invest in the park and also the community,” a Parks spokesperson said. “We will work-related with Wollman Park partners throughout the hatchet of their agreement to ensure that the concession is available and affordable.”

Huh says:

Prices room high but I don’t get all the hand wringing.A private agency was seek out. They still need to make money also if the city doesn’t take it a cut which would have made prices also higher. It’s an expensive and complex site to maintain and run but it just generates revenue for a couple of months a year.I don’t care around concession prices because it’s in a park v many adjacent options and also I’m sure you’ll be enabled to lug in your very own water. You go skating because that an hour or two so having access to food is nice and can include to the fun but isn’t essential.When it was genuinely cheap to go there, that was run down.If we want truly complimentary public sports, we need a completely different capital model.

lynn says:
Anthony says:

” We have actually proposed a small increase in the adult admission, which will then allow us to provide free or low-cost programming come non-profit groups and also youth that would not otherwise be able to have access to the facility. This is about creating a pricing structure that achieves accessibility, permits for long overdue upgrades to the site, and also serves new Yorkers from every walks that life.”

What this city requirements is an ext ‘affordable skating’!

How have the right to ALL youngsters experience life equally uneven ALL kids can skate affordably? And free concessions for the hungry!

How have the right to anything much less be ethically countenanced?

“…but ice Hockey in Harlem does an ext than teach kids to pat hockey (for no cost)

These are establishments worth sustaining by payment a few extra dollars to skate.”

Pass. Hard pass.

That which has no cost, has actually no value.

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And the price rise is actually a surprise tax on daily patrons, most of whom room not ‘Rockefellers’.

Let willing donors money these supposedly ‘worthwhile’ programs, rather than underhandedly taxing human being who themselves struggle to pay the expense of admission.