Frankie Edgar gets his 3rd shot at the UFC featherweight title when he faces present champion Max ... <+> Holloway in the main event of Saturday"s UFC 240 pay-per-view card. (Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa gmbh via Getty Images)

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By December 2015, previous UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar had put losses in three consecutive location fights behind him. When he stepped right into the octagon to face Chad Mendes in the main event of The can be fried Fighter 22 Finale card, Edgar was on a four-fight win streak. Mendes was coming off a TKO loss come Conor McGregor in one interim featherweight location bout.

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Edgar was ranked No. 2 in the department on fight night. Mendes come in one spot listed below him at No. 3. The odds favored Edgar, who was a -140 favorite. Mendes, the underdog, to be +110.

The 2 wrestlers offered their striking skills for the an initial two minute of the fight. Mendes walk a nice project landing heavy kicks to the lead leg of his opponent, with the hope that those blows would pay dividends later on in slowing down the mobile Edgar. Mendes’ strategy was sound, yet it did not pay off.

Edgar captured Mendes through a left hook v 2:35 left in the first stanza. The blow reduce Mendes come the mat and brought referee john McCarthy charging in to wave the hit off soon after the to win landed.

The knockout success earned Edgar his fifth straight win, a “Performance the the Night” bonus and also perhaps many importantly a second shot in ~ UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

Aldo beat Edgar by unanimous decision in your UFC 200 bout.

Edgar has bounced earlier from that loss. He is 3-1 due to the fact that falling come Aldo because that a 2nd time. ~ above Saturday, the ex-champ gets his 3rd chance to win the 145-pound title once he faces existing titleholder Max Holloway in the main occasion of the UFC 240 pay-per-view card.

UFC 240 takes place at Rogers place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The pay-per-view map streams ~ above ESPN+ complying with prelims on ESPN2 and also UFC fight Pass.

Before the fight takes place, clock Edgar’s knockout win over Mendes appropriate here.

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