When One Tree Hill premiered on the WB in September 2003 (a mere two months after The O.C.

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, another teen drama with a not dissimilar premise), tweens, teens, and even maybe some adults found themselves transfixed through the inner operations of Tree Hill, a tiny town in north Carolina (via Vulture). The display followed Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) as he struggled come break free from his father"s shadow, as well as the resides of his girlfriend Haley James, love understanding Brooke Davis and also Peyton Sawyer, and also his brother and sometimes friend, periodically enemy, Nathan Scott. While lot of the actors was unknown at the point, fans of WB dramas likely well-known star Murray native his assorted roles ~ above Gilmore Girls and also Dawson"s Creek.

The display lasted native 2003 to 2012, at which allude the One Tree Hill cast"s assorted off-screen romances had actually caused almost as much speculation and also interest together their on-screen love triangle (of which there to be many).

Take for example Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, whose onscreen characters of Lucas and also Brooke were on-again and also off-again transparent the show"s run, but, because that a time, were very much on.

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Murray and also Bush an initial met ~ above the set of One Tree Hill and also began date in 2003, a few years after ~ the show first aired. They then wed in April 2005, in a oceanfront ceremony in Santa Monica, California (via People). However, your marital bliss to be short-lived. A mere 5 months later the 2 separated, with shrub eventually filing because that an annulment ~ above the grounds of fraud. At the time, with the show still on the air, a girlfriend of Bush"s said People, "She"s moved on. They have a experienced relationship."

At the time, and also for another 10 years, bush often didn"t publicly deal with the relationship. However, in 2017, she penned an essay for Cosmopolitan, wherein she opened up up around the push young women often feel to discover "the one." "And thus, I came to appreciate the relationships frequently serve a certain purpose in ~ a specific point in time, because that myriad reasons. Some space meant to heal you, some are meant come teach you how to build yourself up, and also some space meant to present you just how to trust your own intuition," she wrote.

Eventually, Bush additionally opened up to Andy Cohen top top his SiriusXM radio show, telling him she feeling "pressured" come marry Murray, which Murray"s rep then slammed as "ludicrous" (via People).

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In the years because their acrimonious split, both Murray and Bush have moved on. In fact, before the finalization the his divorce through Bush, in 2006 Murray announced his engagement to One Tree Hill cheerleading extra (and then an elderly in high school), Kenzie Dalton (via PopSugar). Return they never ever married, the 2 were together for 7 years before eventually parting ways. In 2015, Murray climate announced that he"d covertly married his Chosen co-star, sarah Roemer. Today, Murray and also Roemer share 2 children, a boy born in 2015 and also a girl born in 2017 (via Country Living).

Following the birth of his daughter, Murray said Entertainment Tonight, "For me, it was the biggest thing that"s ever happened to me. Having youngsters is a video game changer and I think you"re always walking around with the mentality that you want to make sure that they"re proud and also you want to represent them well and also just be a good leader."

For she part, bush has ongoing to day co-stars and also non-co-stars alike. Complying with her split with Murray, she was attached to One Tree Hill co-stars James Lafferty and Austin Nichols, and Chicago P.D. co-star Jesse Lee Soffer. Bush also dated Google program manager Dan Fredinburg because that 10 months, who sadly later on passed away throughout an avalanche on mount Everest (via Us Weekly). Currently, bush is believed to it is in dating approve Hughes, cofounder that FocusMotion Health, a "data-driven orthopedic restore solutions" for surgical treatment patients" (via Us Weekly).

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So while Bush and Murray"s separation appears to be for the best, at the very least One Tree Hill pan will always have Brooke and also Lucas (and Peyton).