“The snuggles room real,” the actor, 39, captioned a Monday, march 29, Instagram post. “No far better duty than #daddyduty. Love our family.”

In the society media upload, the new York aboriginal closed his eyes and smiled when his 4-year-old daughter hugged him. Her 5-year-old brother can be checked out on your dad’s various other side.

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“This is mine favorite photo of girlfriend ever!!!!!!” Murray’s previous One Tree Hill costar Hilarie Burton commented on the post, while his wife, Sarah Roemer, agreed that their small ones to be “the best.”

The pair tied the knot in January 2015 in California, welcome their infant boy later on that very same year. Your daughter arrived in 2017.

Murray provided Us Weekly exclusive insight into his family life in April 2018, revealing that he loves traveling v the model, 36, and their children. “My child just had his 64th flight this morning. He’s not also 3 yet and he’s already been top top 64 flights for this reason we’re cruising,” the Gilmore Girls alum explained to Us at the time. “We perform travel rather a bit for a small family. We love it though. Castle such great fliers. They’re such an excellent travelers in general. Our kid gets super excited in the morning, he gets all ramped up. We obtain to the airport, he knows the rules, that knows security check and also he knows where to wait. That gets himself strapped in, the looks up and waits for all the lights to walk off before he bring away his seatbelt off or puts his tray table down.”


Chad Michael Murray Invision/AP/Shutterstock

With both of his kids so “well-versed in travel,” the Riverdale star “wouldn’t execute it any other way.”

While filming The coast House in Savannah, Georgia, because that instance, Murray spent his downtime through his family. “ to be fantastic,” the told Us. “We explored, discovered playgrounds and also really cool at home play locations for the kids. We did our daily walks, part days as soon as they were really good, go to the ice cream shop … The city really is beautiful.”

Murray, who is notoriously private about his kids and also has yet to share their names, was formerly married come Sophia Bush from April come September 2005. He to be then engaged to Kenzie Dalton for seven years ahead of your August 2013 split.

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