"It to be opportunistic and ugly and also when you operation a show, you"re prefer a parent. You"re supposed to protect your flock and it was the opposite of that," Sophia shrub alleged about the One Tree Hill producers

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Sophia bush is acquiring candid around the “ugly” results of her separation from Chad Michael Murray.

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During an in-depth sit-down interview on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, the 36-year-old actress reflected on her breakup from she ex-husband and also former costar — and alleged the producers ~ above One Tree Hill exploited their damaged relationship when the collection was quiet on TV.

“The reason that i don’t talk around it A) is because everyone’s been 21 and stupid, however if you’re in ours job, for part reason, world want to talk to you around like, once you’re fully-fledged adults who’ve done really amazing s— with your lives, castle wanna speak to you about the dumb thing you go in university basically,” shrub explained. “Which doesn’t make feeling to me, ’cause like, in any other realm, if a CEO is having actually a meeting, no one’s gonna ask around the time they visited a kegger in college.”

“What’s complicated about this issue for me is that the human being who i was 21 and stupid through is likewise an actor,” claimed Bush, that admitted the she was “a yes, really naive kid.”

When Shepard stated that oftentimes, civilization are urged to choose someone due to the fact that the human being is “alleviating” one insecurity, shrub admitted “I’m certain a lot of those type of feelings to be at play.”

Said Bush, “Being a supervisor nerdy kid and also suddenly you’re ~ above TV and also all this stuff is happening and one that the cool elafilador.net you occupational with thinks you’re awesome, there’s yes, really base mind stuff there. I think that for me, it took me a long time to perform the kind of perform you’re talking around in the after ~ effect. And also I continued to be in a location of work-related with mine ex.”

The entirety of the couple’s romance began and also ended when on One Tree Hill: they met on the set of your WB show and began date in 2003. In may 2004, the pair got involved in Australia as soon as Murray popped the question on a tennis court adorned with 20 bouquets the roses and also 500 lit candles spelling out a special article for Bush.



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In April 2005, Murray and also Bush exchanged handwritten vows throughout their wedding at Santa Monica’s Hotel Casa Del Mar prior to 200 guests. However after 5 months that marriage, the costars be separate in September that that very same year. Their divorce to be finalized in December 2006.

“There was no space to self-reflect,” bush told Shepard the the breakup. “There was like, ‘This is my integrity, this is my job, I will not falter because that one 2nd or one minute ever before on this set. I will certainly be the most f—— expert person anyone has ever seen.”

While bush attempted to keep a professional posture while in ~ work, she insurance claims that producers fueled drama by to run advertisements around her and also Murray’s split.

She admitted that the producers were “really deeply inappropriate to both that us” around the breakup while on set. “They ran TV ads about it. That was really ugly.”

“They made exercise of taking benefit of elafilador.net’s an individual lives and not simply for me and for mine ex — for other actors ~ above the display who would share, prefer as girlfriend do when you get close to elafilador.net, deeply personal things that were happening in their lives and also they would wind up in storylines. It wasn’t okay,” she shared.

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The actress further added that, “It to be opportunistic and also ugly and also when you operation a show, you’re favor a parent. You’re an alleged to protect your flock and it to be the opposite of that. And I imagine that was hard for him together well. It to be a an extremely ugly case on your part. I think they kind of lived for the drama.”

Her comment come much more than a year ~ One Tree Hill creator mark Schwahn to be accused of sexual harassment and physical and also emotional manipulation by 18 woman cast and also crew members who operated on the fight CW present — consisting of Bush.

The actress detailed her allegations top top Andy Cohen‘s SiriusXM show, Andy Cohen Live, in June. “We’re not the only group of girl that’s ever before had a boss who is a pig,” bush said the Schwahn, that was ultimately fired from E! drama The Royals in December 2017 complying with a monthlong investigation into allegations of harassment. (Schwahn has never spoken about any of the allegations.)