November is here, which way it"s currently officially the many wonderful time the the year: Hallmark Christmas Movie season! among their earliest and most interesting offerings is this weekend’s Road to Christmas i beg your pardon stars Chad Michael Murray in his first-ever Hallmark Christmas movie. Jessy Schram theatre Maggie, a producer who falls for Murray"s Danny, the son of a TV legend. The story follows Maggie together she tries to reunite Danny"s family during a live vacation broadcast.

In genuine life, Murray, 37, has actually seen his fair share of romantic drama similar to his character. But also like the film he"s now starring in, that all pertains to a close with a happy ending. Here’s whatever you must know about Murray"s roadway to becoming a husband and also father.

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Chad Michael Murray and also Sophia Bush


Murray and Bush both starred top top The CW’s long-running soap, One Tree Hill, playing Lucas Scott and Brooke Davis, respectively. Their characters had a blatant on-screen romance, but they were additionally involved in genuine life, too. They dated for almost two years prior to marrying in April that 2005 in Santa Monica, California. The marital relationship lasted five months prior to the couple split, and Bush filed because that an annulment in in march of 2016, citing “fraud,” follow to People. Bush was ultimately granted a divorce instead.

While Murray has largely stayed quiet about the marriage, shrub has newly opened up about the affect it had on her life. “The trauma of the was enhanced by exactly how public that became, which was extremely foreign and bizarre to a girl who’d been just an additional college boy 24 months prior to her life blew up,” shrub wrote in a Cosmopolitan essay last year. During an figure on Watch What wake up Live, Bush additionally said that she and also Murray to be “two stupid children who had no business being in a relationship in the an initial place.’

In solution to this, Murray issued a statement through a spokesperson: “Chad conducts self in a totally professional manner and also would never ever marry for any reason however love," his rep called People. "Thirteen years because his divorce indigenous Sophia, he has actually a really happy household life v his wife and also children. He has fully moved on and doesn"t feeling the require to connect in this kind of behavior."

Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton


In 2006, months prior to his divorce from shrub was finalized, Murray proposed to One Tree Hill extra Kenzie Dalton, who was 18 in ~ the time.

“She’s a small stunner,” Murray gushed to Us Weekly in a 2012 interview. “She is a sweetheart. She is my finest friend and we have been with each other a long time." however the following year, the couple parted means after a seven-year engagement. “Chad Michael Murray and also Kenzie Dalton quietly parted ways previously in the year," a spokesperson confirmed to Us in a statement.

Chad Michael Murray and Wife sarah Roemer


In 2014, Murray started a connection with sarah Roemer, his co-star ~ above the Crackle initial series, Chosen. The pair married in an enig early in 2015, and in may of that year they invited their very first child, kid Rex. In march of 2017, your daughter to be born.

Though there have actually been some much more ups and also downs between Bush and Murray recently, the actor resolved any doubts around his happy household life in one tweet. “Do u understand what I execute every morning? wake in my love family’s embrace, do coffee & breakfast 4 the kiddos with my wife. Review 1-2 chapters in the bible 2 begin the day off right. Climate we setup how 2 fill the day through love 4 my family members & brethren. It’s so basic yet therefore fulfilling," the said.

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