Dancing through the Stars pro, Cheryl Burke has been combine with plenty of famous celebrities end the years. Native Emmitt blacksmith to plunder Kardashian, Burke has actually taught few of the best names in the entertainment and sports industries exactly how to bust a move on the dance floor — and even developed strong connections with those civilization in the process.

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While it’s not uncommon for dancing pros to thrive close come their well known castmates ~ above the show, there have been numerous instances wherein fans believed that Burke was much more than simply friends through her celebrity partners. Despite she’s denied most behind-the-scenes romances people have affiliated her in, Burke revealed that she did have actually a fling with one of her partners — but provided that it was really brief.



Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke| Michael Bezjian/WireImage

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Initially, no one really assumed anything that Burke and Ochocinco’s relationship. However, as the weeks go by, the two started growing closer, and also their undeniable chemistry became really evident come onlookers.

Soon, the rumor mill started to churn the a behind-the-scenes romance, and also the athlete’s therapy of Burke only fueled those speculations.

The pair to be rumored to it is in dating because of their tremendous chemistry

While training for DWTS in Miami, Ochocinco didn’t hide his affection for Burke in any kind of way.

Not just would the broad receiver be notoriously flirtatious v the pro-dancer during the alphabet show, yet he even showered her v lavish gifts like a diamond necklace and a diamond ring, i beg your pardon she ultimately gave back.

From an outside perspective, it appeared Burke and Ochocinco were dating. However, Burke revealed in her 2011 memoir, Dancing Lessons, the she constantly had doubts about getting romantically affiliated with the athlete because of his reputation together a player.

“He was constantly kind, yet I knew ns would never be the only girl in his life,” she shared. “‘What happens if we start dating and also I acquire attached come you – and then you have other ladies you want to see?"”

Cheryl Burke later evidenced that she and Chad Ochocinco had actually a fling

Though Burke denies ever dating Ochocinco, she admitted top top a 2011 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres display that she did have actually a quick fling through her tenth-season DWTS partner.

“I mean, we had actually a fling,” she called DeGeneres. “We functioned so lot together and also we had great chemistry, but it was the very same pattern I had actually with mine boyfriends in the past.”

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According to Burke, she and Ochocinco never ever took their connection took the following level simply due to the fact that he had too much going on in his life for a potential romantic to flourish.

“He was simply really unavailable come me,” she said. “I just knew that didn’t work and I’ve relocated on and also he’s obviously moved on. “

In she memoir, Burke also revealed that the athlete not being a one-woman sort of guy also stopped her from becoming more than simply friends with him.

“Although Chad was wooing me, I had actually to resist because, ultimately, that doesn’t believe in relationships,” the pro dancer wrote. “As much as I favored him, i couldn’t permit myself fall for him, due to the fact that I knew that there would always be somebody else.”

Since their short fling, both have moved on through their lives and are at this time in relationship with other people.

While Burke is happily married to gibbs Matthew Lawrence, Ochocinco is dating sporting activities & to chat Realtor, Sharelle Rosado.

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Though it’s unsure if Burke and also Ochocinco room still girlfriend today, she created in her publication that she will always have “a soft spot because that Chad,” who she’s confident feels the same method about her.