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The democratic National Committee (DNC) is the primary governing organization of the democratic Party that the joined States.

The DNC is responsible for overseeing the procedure of writing and promoting the party platform every 4 years and also providing national leadership surrounding campaign, fundraising, politics activity, and also election strategy.

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The DNC is comprised of the chairs and vice chairs of each state autonomous Party and more than 200 elected members from every 50 states, the ar of Columbia, and also the territories.<1><2>

The main equivalent of the DNC is the Republican national Committee (RNC).

About party committees

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Both Democrats and also Republicans have three significant party committees. The nationwide committee"s purpose involves oversight that the presidential nominating process as fine as sustaining party candidates with research, polling and also funding in races throughout the country. Each party likewise has 2 Hill committees, one each for the House and also Senate, i beg your pardon are dedicated to helping selected candidates from your party come Congress and helping incumbents win re-election.

During the 2018 election cycle, these six committees to be each amongst the top 10 spenders in conference elections v a an unified $1.3 exchange rate in spending.<3> during the 2020 campaign cycle, the very same six party committees—three autonomous committees and also three Republican committees—raised a linked $2.650 billion ($1.510 billion throughout the 3 Republican committees and $1.140 billion throughout the three democratic committees).


National party leadership

Below is a list of the national leadership of the autonomous Party, together of September 2021:<4>

location Officer State
Chairman Jaime Harrison southern Carolina
U.S. Senate leader chuck Schumer new York
U.S. House leader Nancy Pelosi California
Vice chairwoman for public engagement and voter protection Keisha Lance Bottoms Georgia
angry chairwoman Gretchen Whitmer Michigan
vice chairwoman Tammy Duckworth Illinois
vice chairman Filemon Vela Texas
Secretary Jason Rae Wisconsin
Treasurer Virginia McGregor Pennsylvania
national Finance chairman kris Korge Florida
evil chairman, chairman the the combination of State democratic Chairs Ken Martin Minnesota
autonomous Legislative campaign Committee chairwoman State Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins new York
democratic Congressional campaign Committee chairman<5> Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney new York
democratic Senatorial project Committee chairwoman<6> Sen. Gary Peters Michigan
Governors combination chairwoman branch Michelle Lujan Grisham brand-new Mexico
Chief executive Officer<7> Sam Cornale Washington, D.C.

2017 chair election

Main article: democratic National Committee chair election, 2017

On the weekend that February 24, 2017, the much more than 400 members that the autonomous National Committee (DNC) elected former job Secretary Tom Perez to succeed interim chairman Donna Brazile.<8> Brazile took over the position after former chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned throughout the 2016 elections. At the time, leaked emails showed up to show Wasserman Schultz and DNC officials strategizing to promote Hillary Clinton"s presidential campaign and also hurt competitor Bernie Sanders.

Other candidates because that the position had Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), Idaho autonomous Party executive, management director Sally Boynton Brown, market of south Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, and political strategist Jehmu Greene.<9><10><11><12>

New Hampshire autonomous Party Chairman Raymond Buckley was in the running however dropped the end on February 18, 2017, come endorse Ellison.<13> on February 23, 2017, south Carolina autonomous Party Chairman Jaime Harrison dropped the end of the race and endorsed Perez.<14>

Perez and Ellison were the front-runners in the race.<15> Perez obtained endorsements indigenous a variety of Obama administration officials, including former Vice president Joe Biden, former Attorney basic Eric Holder, previous Secretary of farming Tom Vilsack, and former Health and Human services Secretary kathleen Sebelius. Ellison was backed by 2016 presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, and U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and also Chuck Schumer and U.S. Rep. John Lewis.<16>

Historical chairpersons

Below is a historic list that past and present chairpersons that the democratic National Committee (DNC). Click "show" on the box listed below to watch the complete list.<17>

Chairperson ax State
Benjamin F. Hallett1848–1852Massachusetts
Robert Milligan McLane1852–1856Maryland
David Allen Smalley1856–1860Vermont
August Belmont1860–1872New York
Augustus Schell1872–1876New York
Abram Stevens Hewitt1876–1877New York
William H. Barnum1877–1889Connecticut
Calvin Stewart Brice1889–1892Ohio
William F. Harrity1892–1896Pennsylvania
James K. Jones1896–1904Arkansas
Thomas Taggart1904–1908Indiana
Norman E. Mack1908–1912New York
William F. McCombs1912–1916New York
Vance C. McCormick1916–1919Pennsylvania
Homer S. Cummings1919–1920Connecticut
George White1920–1921Ohio
Cordell Hull1921–1924Tennessee
Clem L. Shaver1924–1928West Virginia
John J. Raskob1928–1932New York
James A. Farley1932–1940New York
Edward J. Flynn1940–1943New York
Frank C. Walker1943–1944Pennsylvania
Robert E. Hannegan1944–1947Missouri
J. Howard McGrath1947–1949Rhode Island
William M. Boyle1949–1951Missouri
Frank E. McKinney1951–1952Indiana
Stephen Mitchell1952–1955Illinois
Paul M. Butler1955–1960Indiana
Henry M. Jackson1960–1961Washington
John Moran Bailey1961–1968Connecticut
Lawrence F. O"Brien1968–1969Massachusetts
Fred R. Harris1969–1970Oklahoma
Lawrence F. O"Brien1970–1972Massachusetts
Jean Westwood1972Utah
Robert S. Strauss1972–1977Texas
Kenneth M. Curtis1977–1978Maine
John C. White1978–19812Texas
Charles T. Manatt1981–1985California
Paul G. Kirk1985–1989Massachusetts
Ron Brown1989–1993New York
David Wilhelm1993–1994Ohio
Debra DeLee1994–1995Massachusetts
Christopher J. Dodd1995–1997Connecticut
Donald Fowler1995–1997South Carolina
Roy Romer1997–1999Colorado
Steven Grossman1997–1999Massachusetts
Edward G. Rendell1999–2001Pennsylvania
Joseph Andrew1999–2001Indiana
Terry McAuliffe2001–2005Virginia
Howard Dean2005–2009Vermont
Tim Kaine2009–2011Virginia
Debbie Wasserman Schultz2011–2016Florida
Donna Brazile2016-2017Washington, D.C.
Tom Perez2017 - PresentWashington, D.C.

State party leadership

Below is a list of state chairpersons that the autonomous National Committee, as of September 2021.<18> Click "show" on the box listed below to check out the complete list.

State democratic Party chairs, together of September 2021 State Chairperson State Chairperson
Alabama Christopher J. England Montana Robyn Driscoll
Alaska Casey Steinau Nebraska woman Kleeb
American Samoa Patrick Ti"a Reid<19> Nevada Judith Whitmer
Arizona Raquel Terán brand-new Hampshire Raymond Buckley
Arkansas Nicole Hart (Interim chair) brand-new Jersey LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.
California Rusty Hicks brand-new Mexico Jessica Velasquez
Colorado Morgan Carroll brand-new York Jay Jacobs
Connecticut Nancy DiNardo north Carolina Bobbie Richardson
Delaware Elizabeth D. Maron north Dakota Patrick Hart
ar of Columbia Charles Wilson Ohio Liz Walters
Florida Manny Diaz Oklahoma Alicia Andrews
Georgia Nikema Williams Oregon Carla Hanson
Guam sarah Thomas Nededog Pennsylvania Nancy Patton Mills
Hawaii Tyler Dos Santos-Tam Puerto Rico Charles Rodriguez
Idaho Fred Cornforth<20> Rhode Island Joseph McNamara
Illinois Robin Kelly south Carolina Trav Robertson
Indiana Mike Schmuhl south Dakota Randy Seiler
Iowa Ross Wilburn Tennessee Hendrell Remus
Kansas Vicki Hiatt Texas Gilberto Hinojosa
Kentucky Colmon Elridge U.S. Virgin Islands glen J. Smith<21>
Louisiana Katie Bernhardt Utah Jeff Merchant
Maine Andrew Gattine Vermont Bruce Olsson
Maryland Yvette Lewis Virginia Susan Swecker
Massachusetts Gus Bickford Washington Tina Podlodowski
Michigan Lavora Barnes West Virginia Belinda Biafore
Minnesota Ken Martin Wisconsin Ben Wikler
Mississippi Tyree Irving Wyoming Joe Barbuto
Missouri Michael Butler democracy Abroad Candice Kerestan

Democratic Party platform and also policy stances


The autonomous National Committee (DNC) draft a party communication every 4 years. The party communication is a written file that outlines the autonomous Party"s policy priorities and also positions top top domestic and also foreign affairs. The platform also describes the party"s core concepts and also beliefs.

2020See also: The democratic Party Platform, 2020Click to view the democratic Party"s 2020 platform. 

2016See also: The democratic Party Platform and DNC communication Committees, 2016Click to see the autonomous Party"s 2016 platform. 

2012See also: The democratic Party Platform, 2012Click to see the autonomous Party"s 2012 platform. 

2008See also: The democratic Party Platform, 2008Click to see the democratic Party"s 2008 platform. 

Policy issues

In addition to the party platform, the DNC lists the following key policy concerns on the website. Click "show" on the boxes below for an ext information around the issues.

"Every American, no matter their race, sex, ethnicity or national origin, language, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability, is equal, and Democrats are fighting for them. Democrats have actually a long and also proud history of defending polite rights and also expanding chance for every Americans. Native the Civil civil liberties Act the 1964 to the Lilly Ledbetter same Pay plot in 2009 to including marriage equality in the party communication in 2012, democrats have battled to finish discrimination in all forms. If the Trump administration threatens a team of american simply because of that they room or what lock believe, Democrats will fight because that our core worths of equality for everyone.

We are committed come protecting voting rights, freedom of religion, women’s right to make their very own health treatment decisions, and equal federal civil liberties for LGBT couples. Us must additionally strive for criminal justice reform, and also common sense viewpoints to reduce and also prevent gun violence.No matter who you are, who you love, where you’re from, or exactly how you worship, Democrats space fighting because that you."<22>

"Democrats believe all kids should be able to lead happy, effective lives. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring the next generation has accessibility to a quality education and the tools to journey our economic climate forward. Our country is strongest when our workers space trained v the knowledge and ingenuity to execute at the greatest levels. Every kid should have the possibility to reach that horizon and to meet the American Dream.

Democrats have long valued education and learning as the crucial to success, both because that individuals and for our nation. In 1944, democratic President Franklin Roosevelt spreading the G.I. Bill, a landmark piece of law that noted World battle II veterans with methods for higher education. The G.I. Bill helped produce the modern middle course in America. And also in 1965, lindon B. Johnson and also a democratic Congress spreading the primary school and an additional Education Act v the goal of giving a quality education and learning to every child.In recent years, democracy have further increased accessibility to higher education, restructured and dramatically broadened college financial help — if making federal programs simpler, more reliable, and much more efficient because that students. In 2010, president Obama signed into law college student loan reform that cut out the function of large banks. The Obama administration also doubled our invest in Pell Grants and also made it easier for students to pay back student loans. As Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos effort to roll earlier the progression we’ve do on education by stripping protections for students and student loan borrowers, we’ll save fighting to elect Democrats that will support for education.Democrats desire every boy – no issue their ZIP code – come have accessibility to a quality public K-12 education, and for university to it is in affordable for every American. We recognize that together the worldwide marketplace grows much more competitive, we have to expand methods for greater education and also job training. Democrats space committed to boosting the college-completion rate and the share of students that are all set for budding markets with certain job-related skills.Democrats recognize education and learning as the many pressing economic concern in America’s future, and also we cannot permit our nation to autumn behind in a worldwide economy. We should prepare the following generation because that success in college and also the workforce."<23>

"Democrats are committed to curbing the impacts of climate change, protecting America’s herbal resources, and also ensuring the quality of our air, water, and also land for current and future generations. Indigenous investing in clean power to protecting our ecosystems, Democrats space working to deal with our biggest eco-friendly challenges, paving the method to a much more sustainable America.

Under chairman Obama, us made great strides come combat climate adjust and defend our environment and also public lands. The department of Transportation and the EPA issued brand-new fuel-economy standards, the an initial meaningful increases in fuel economic situation for cars and also light trucks in decades. President Obama instructed the eco-friendly Protection firm to take steps to regulate carbon dioxide emissions native coal-fired strength plants, which space the biggest concentrated resource of emissions in the united States. Under Donald Trump, the United claims stands alone together the only country in the world that is no a party come the Paris Climate Agreement.Democrats want to protect and also build on chairman Obama’s progress. We recognize that climate change is among our nation’s greatest challenges, and also that addressing this urgent threat could make America the world’s clean energy superpower and also create numerous good-paying jobs. Democrats will fight to safeguard our planet for future generations.Donald Trump, top top the other hand, has dubbed climate adjust “a hoax developed by the Chinese,” and withdrawn indigenous the Paris Climate Agreement. And also by selecting to ignore the agreement of the scientific neighborhood on climate change, the is placing our country’s health, security, and also economy in ~ risk.It will take every one of us acting with each other — workers and also entrepreneurs, scientists and also citizens, the public and the private sector — to address the an obstacle of climate change and seize our clean-energy future."<24>

"In in march 2010, chairman Obama fulfilled a promise the Democrats have actually pursued for practically a century: do quality, affordable wellness care accessible to every Americans. In all, seven presidents moved for health and wellness reform end the years. We have ultimately made real the principle that every American have to have accessibility to quality health care, and also no one need to go bankrupt just since they get sick — and also we’ll never stop fighting to defend that principle. President lindon B. Johnson signing the Medicare invoice at the take care of S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri.

For years Democrats have battled for the simple idea the everyone should have actually some an easy security in wellness care. As soon as President Johnson signed Medicare into law in 1965, we were finally able to administer that protection to America’s seniors. In 1997, democracy passed the Children’s health Insurance routine (CHIP), which at this time covers 8 million kids.But it took virtually a century to prolong that basic measure of security to all Americans.In 2010, regardless of unanimous opposition native Republicans, democrats were ultimately able come pass substantial health reform right into law.Thanks to the Affordable care Act, more than 20 million american have obtained health care coverage and the uninsured rate has been cut virtually in half. Among the newly insured are an ext than 2.3 million young adults who room covered because the Affordable care Act permits them to continue to be on your parent’s insurance until period 26. Discrimination based upon pre-existing problems is currently illegal, and almost 8 in 10 americans who newly shopped for wellness insurance in the marketplace might get it for less than $100 per month.The Affordable care Act has also permitted states to expand Medicaid to aid even more Americans acquire covered. Thirty-one states and the district of Columbia have broadened Medicaid, and also Medicaid and SCHIP enrollment has actually risen 26 percent.President Obama signs the Affordable treatment Act right into law.The Affordable care Act also provides taxes credits to little businesses to help offset the expenses of employee coverage and also tax credits to aid families pay for insurance. Us are additionally experiencing health care spending expansion at its lowest level in 50 years.Democrats space committed come preserving and protecting the Affordable treatment Act and the tranquility of mind it has brought to countless Americans, and they will fight all attempts through the Trump management to repeal the law and also take health treatment away from tens of countless Americans.We space proud that this progression we have currently made and also are will job-related to extend and also preserve it because that generations come come."<25>

"Democrats space fighting for every immigrant that feels endangered by Donald Trump’s election. We will not stand by and also watch households be torn apart — democracy in Congress and also in states and cities throughout the nation are currently standing approximately Trump’s hatred and also bigotry to defend their immigrant neighbors.

Thanks to chairman Obama, thousands of thousands of DREAMers have been may be to receive a temporary standing that allows them to study, work, salary taxes, and also contribute to the neighborhoods they grew up in. His management has do a tremendous difference by prioritizing immigrant enforcement so that it is concentrated on those with criminal records and also doesn’t arbitrarily separate families, and also Democrats are fighting to protect that progress.Democrats will continue to work toward considerable immigration reform the fixes our nation’s damaged immigration system, improves border security, prioritizes enforcement for this reason we room targeting criminal – no families, keeps family members together, and also strengthens our economy.Democrats know the prominence of ours country’s background as a country of immigrants. We honor our an essential values by dealing with all civilization who concerned the United states with dignity and respect, and we always seek to embrace — no to attack — immigrants."<26>

"Democrats think that our economic climate should strengthen our country and work for every American, not just those in ~ the top. We space committed to helping all Americans accomplish the obstacles of the 21st century by spurring project creation, rebuilding our infrastructure, investing in clean-energy modern technologies and small businesses, and also making sure corporations, the wealthy, and wall Street pay your fair share.

When president Obama take it office in 2009, he inherited an economic climate in freefall, with vast deficits, skyrocketing health care costs, dwindling employment, and also banking and also housing industries on the brink that collapse. Working through the President, democrats stabilized the financial system, aided to avoid a second good Depression, and also created millions of brand-new jobs.Democrats reduced taxes for working families, provided help for little businesses and homeowners, and strengthened consumer protections. Regardless of Republican obstruction at virtually every turn, Democrats noted relief because that hardworking americans who lost their tasks through no fault of their own.Now we’re functioning to safeguard that progress, and fighting to expand it to every American who has actually been left behind. Once Republicans reduced taxes because that the wealthy but not the middle class, or threaten ours recovery v dangerous financial policies, Democrats will fight back.We desire to guarantee the all Americans have actually the possibility to succeed and also that all working families can enjoy financial security. Democrats won’t be satisfied till every American who desires to occupational can discover a job. By make debt-free college easily accessible to every Americans, cracking down on companies that delivery profits and also jobs overseas, fighting for same pay and also paid leave, and ensuring the wealthiest citizens and also largest corporations pay your fair share, democracy will never ever stop fighting to develop an economic climate works for all."<27>

"As the threats encountering our country have progressed over the years, for this reason too has our ability to respond to them. Our nationwide security personnel room the most dynamic and well-trained in the world, and also we should never forget the solemn duty that they fulfill for our nation. Democrats room committed to ensuring our troops have actually the training, equipment, and support that they need when they room deployed and also the care that they and their households need and deserve once they return home.

Defending America is not simply a question of defending ours borders. Us must proceed to support and also train our armed forces to satisfy the difficulties of 21st-century threats. That’s why Democrats have actually made modernizing our army a optimal priority, while additionally eliminating outdated programs and also unnecessary spending.Democrats are focused on preventing terrorism throughout the globe. This way continuing come invest greatly in intelligence and information sharing and also promoting those networks amongst our allies. We have actually strengthened our capacity to store nuclear and biological weapons out of the hand of terrorists, promoted efforts to much better ensure border security, and augmented defense that our national infrastructure.President Obama made significant steps to keep America safe and also restore America’s image approximately the civilization by rebuilding strategic partnerships with countries that share our values and also face typical threats. Democracy will continue to build on and protect that progress."<28>

"In a country as great as ours, no child should be afraid to walk to school or walk approximately their neighborhood. No spouse must be fear to come home at night. No American should be fear to walk to work or their location of worship. And no human being must be afraid to go to a to buy mall or baseball field, nightclub or movie theater, concert or university campus.

But too countless politicians act as if total violence is just a reality of everyday life. Castle offer only thoughts and prayers as tragedies unfold, while accepting millions native the national Rifle association to stand in the way of also the smallest reforms.We must stop pretending the we are powerless to protect against gun violence. It is why for decades the autonomous Party has actually put forth policies that would help prevent the carnage that has end up being all too typical in schools and communities throughout the country.Democrats think that we deserve to reduce gun violence while respecting the rights of responsible pistol owners. We believe we must expand and also strengthen elevator checks for those who desire to acquisition a firearm – because it shouldn’t be much easier to acquire a gun 보다 a driver’s license. We think we should ensure that firearms don’t fall into the hands of terrorists (whether lock be domestic or foreign), domestic abusers, other violent criminals, or those that have presented signs of risk toward us or others. And we think we must treat pistol violence together the deadly publicly health dilemm it is.Democrats stand v the students, families, and also organizers who are fighting to enact these commonsense policies to save our neighborhoods safe, once and for all."<29>

"Democrats believe that a dignified retirement is main to the American Dream, and its structure is developed on two long-standing organizations charged with realizing the dream: Medicare and Social Security. This two establishments represent an unbreakable commitment come American workers, and for years Democrats have fought to safeguard them.

In 1935, Democrats and President Franklin Roosevelt created Social Security. In 1965, Democrats and President lyndon Johnson developed Medicare. Ever since, Democrats have continually battled to defend these cornerstones the the American Dream in the challenge of attempts come dismantle or undermine both.PROTECTING society SECURITYFor 75 years, society Security has been one enduring promise to America’s seniors. This particular day it continues to be a security net for seniors and offers all Americans peace of mind. In current years, Democrats have beaten ago Republican plans to privatize Social defense — plans that would have actually exposed the retirement accumulation of millions of American seniors to an excellent risk on the night of the financial crisis. Instead, no one lost a penny of social Security.STRENGTHENING MEDICAREMedicare is the second pillar the Democrats’ commitment come Americans’ retirement security. Health treatment reform strengthened the Medicare to trust fund, broadening its life by more than a decade. The Affordable care Act has likewise improved care across the board, decreased fraud, and finally closed the feet in Medicare medicine coverage known as the “donut hole.” Seniors will continue to have full accessibility to your doctors and also are currently eligible for complimentary coverage for specific preventive services, including an annual wellness exam.HELPING AMERICANS conserve FOR RETIREMENTDemocrats space committed come making it much easier for american to conserve for retirement on their own. Nearly half the workforce — around 75 million people — right now do not have actually employer-supported retirement plans. Democrats desire to do it easier for every Americans to get involved in retirement account at work and support a device where employees have actually pension portability, so workers don’t lose their pension if they change jobs.Democrats think that every Americans can a secure and healthy retirement, and we will continue fighting to preserve both Medicare and also Social security for future generations."<30>

"From the airplane and the internet, to chemotherapy and the design T, America has a rich background of technical innovation and also scientific ingenuity. Yet after years of decreasing tests scores in math and also science and also Republican administrations that regularly turn their backs top top science, the joined States threats losing its scientific dominance. Democrats room committed come reversing this trend by investing in the technologies and jobs that the future while boosting support for more advanced research, labs, and classrooms.

In the past, federal government investments in scientific research have yielded advancements that have helped form the landscape of American life — technologies prefer the internet, digital photography, worldwide Positioning mechanism technology, laser surgery, and also cancer treatment. However over the previous three decades, support for the physical, mathematical, and also engineering sciences has been drastically cut at a time once other nations are substantially boosting their own research budgets.Democrats think that scientific research must play vital role in proceeding science and an innovation in the classroom and in the lab. In stimulate to complete globally, our following generation have to be equipped with the devices and skills that lead to the job-creating technical innovations and scientific breakthroughs of the future. Democrats have taken far-ranging steps to increase educational opportunities and also make college more affordable for all Americans while improving the top quality of our schools and also our teachers.Democrats have actually made historic investments in research for clean-energy modern technologies that are helping to develop the industries of the future. The Obama administration lifted federal restrictions on stem cell research, giving scientists and doctors with new resources to help save lives.Democrats space working to close the “digital divide,” expanding access to high-speed broadband internet. We recognize that broadband is an essential addition to our national facilities by expanding access to information and also education if serving as a main resource for small businesses and also entrepreneurs come generate financial growth.The Obama administration took unprecedented procedures to use an innovation as an instrument to restore faith, transparency, and accountability come government, and Democrats space fighting to defend his work so we can harness the ingenuity and experience of all Americans to rise efficiency and effectiveness of government."<31>

"Voter purging. Voter fraud. Voter suppression. Russian interference. If you’ve ever before had an concern with voting, you understand that it deserve to be daunting. It can be overwhelming. It might even begin to feel favor no one rather is paying attention. Well, here’s the good news: We’re paying attention. The civic Engagement and also Voter security team is devoted to protecting our democracy. We space working approximately the clock to education voters and also fight voter suppression. Us are devoted to ensuring that all voters have equal access to the ballot box. Together we can safeguard the best to vote and take back the White home in 2020.

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How you have the right to helpThere room tangible ways that you can assist promote and also protect voting rights in your very own community! applying to be a poll worker in your ar can have actually a vast impact on elections. We also have one Election support Program, in i m sorry volunteers support for programs and also policies in their counties. Girlfriend can also join our facebook group! us encourage our members come share voting information pertinent to your state and respective communities!

ResourcesIWillVote: use IWillVote to it is registered to vote, upgrade voter information, locate your polling location, and more!

Voter Hotline: contact 1-833-DEM-VOTE (1-833-336-8683) for complex issues. Our 24/7 hotline is monitored by DNC employees.