“Jerry Nadler not just represents brand-new York well, however he has actually represented the unified States really well.”

-- President invoice Clinton, 42nd president of the united States

Congressman Jerrold “Jerry” Nadler represents new York’s 10th conference District, one of the most dynamic and diverse districts in the country. The district contains Manhattan’s top West Side, Morningside Heights, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, wall surface Street, and also Battery Park City, as well as the Brooklyn areas of Borough Park, Kensington, and also parts of bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, Red Hook, Sunset Park and Midwood.

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Rep. Nadler started his job in public business in 1976 in the new York State Assembly. Representing the top West Side, he served as a democratic Assemblyman for 16 years and played a significant role in shaping brand-new York State law concerning child assistance enforcement and domestic abuse, and making major contributions to housing, transportation and also consumer protection policy in the state. In 1992, Rep. Nadler was elected to the U.S. Residence of to represent in a unique election and has served in Congress ever since. He to be re-elected to his fourteenth complete term in 2018.

The Chairman that the elafilador.net elafilador.net Committee, Congressman Nadler offered as Chairman or Ranking Member that its Subcommittee ~ above the Constitution, polite Rights, and also Civil Liberties because that 13 year and also served together the Ranking Member that the Subcommittee on Courts, pundit Property, and the Internet.

Rep. Nadler is a graduate of Crown Heights Yeshiva, Stuyvesant High School, Columbia University and also Fordham regulation School. He stays on the top West side of Manhattan through his wife, Joyce Miller.

Fighting for civil Rights, LGBT Rights, Women’s Rights

“Jerry Nadler is a staunch defender of polite rights and also civil for free in America, and a passionate support for these problems in Congress.”

-- Representative john Lewis (D-GA), Civil rights leader

For over 30 years, in both the elafilador.net and in the new York State Assembly, Congressman Nadler has proudly to be on the former lines in the fight for polite rights, and has been a sewage defender of ours country’s an essential promise that equality because that all. Main among his pertains to has been the continuous civil legal rights struggle for people of color. Rep. Nadler has been a leader in the struggle to safeguard voting rights and also reduce voter disenfranchisement. He offered as a crucial elafilador.net leader behind the reauthorization that the Voting rights Act, proceeding to offer on the tiny elafilador.net working group directing that is advancement, and held monitor hearings on department of Justice initiatives to combat voter suppression. He also has operated vigorously to call attention and also seek remedies come past and present racial injustices. Rep. Nadler to be an original co-sponsor that the Pigford claims Remedy act of 2007 (H.R. 3073), and held a landmark elafilador.net subcommittee listening on the Pigford case, which associated thousands of African-American farmers who experienced discrimination at the hands of the department of agriculture for many of the 20th century. He also championed the Emmett it spins Unsolved Civil rights Crime Act, which the ushered v to a decisive residence victory.

Congressman Nadler has additionally taken an active duty in working against discriminatory gyeongju profiling by regulation enforcement, co-sponsoring the End racial Profiling Act amongst other actions, and has dedicated considerable time as a senior Member that the home elafilador.net Committee to monitoring and also reinforcing voting civil liberties for African-Americans and also other groups that have actually been systematically disenfranchised. That was one of the very first to call for a justice Department examination in 2000 of market Giuliani and then-NYPD Commissioner Howard Safir after ~ three different fatal shootings including three unarmed brand-new Yorkers—Patrick Dorismond, Amadou Diallo, and Gideon Busch—and to be an outspoken support for justice in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner in 2014. In his district, Rep. Nadler effectively worked to develop the African interment Ground National historical Site in lower Manhattan, recognizing the landmark 17th and 18th century African interment ground discovered there.

“Congressman Jerrold Nadler is just one of the country fiercest protectors the LGBT rights and also a powerful ally for trans equality.”

-- The advocate magazine

A Vice-Chair and founding member of the residence Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and also Transgender (LGBT) Equality Caucus, and also the very first from brand-new York’s congressional delegation come openly support marital relationship equality, Rep. Nadler has been an initial co-sponsor that every significant piece of LGBT polite rights legislation for the critical twenty-plus years. He personally authored the Respect for marital relationship Act (RMA), the Uniting American families Act (UAFA), the dad Mychal referee Act, and the Equal accessibility to Social protection Act, marking his location as a main architect of LGBT legislative branch strategy in Congress. That led the fight in the elafilador.net against the Defense of marital relationship Act and also the Federal marital relationship Amendment and proceeds to protest anti-gay initiatives as they arise in Congress. Additionally, Rep. Nadler authored and led the conference amicus briefs in the two most far-ranging marriage equality-related instances to walk to the supreme Court—both Windsor and Obergefell—and procured the first-ever non-AIDS related residence appropriation because that a LGBT company -- new York’s LGBT Center. He was additionally one of just six members that the elafilador.net democratic Caucus to oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act as soon as it failure to protect members of the transgender community. Former Representative Barney Frank has praised Rep. Nadler’s record, saying: “Jerry Nadler has actually been a vigorous, unyielding, energetic supporter of same for happy men and also lesbians top top every pertinent issue since he concerned Congress.”

“Jerry Nadler is in ~ the forefront of the activity to safeguard reproductive freedom, fighting every day against anti-choice leader in Congress.”

-- Kate Michaelman, former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America

Congressman Nadler has actually played a far-ranging role in the fight because that women’s rights, serving together a main figure in the reauthorization of the Violence versus Women Act and also the writer of the Pregnant workers Fairness Act. In acknowledgment of his management in the area of equal pay, Rep. Nadler was invite to sign up with President Obama at the White home for the signing of the Lily Ledbetter fair Pay Act.

Representative Nadler is nationally well-known as a staunch defender that women’s health, consisting of a woman’s constitutional ideal to access an abortion. Together a senior Member the the home elafilador.net Committee and also a leader in the residence Pro-Choice Caucus, he has frequently taken a central role in standing up to conservative attacks against every American’s best to make an individual decisions about reproductive health, consisting of devising the strategy to defeat plenty of anti-choice bills and also carrying the movement’s signature piece of law -- the Freedom of selection Act. Due to the fact that of his solid voice defending such rights, in 2015 Rep. Nadler was called by Leader Nancy Pelosi as among six autonomous Members (and the only male Member) favored to offer on the Republicans’ select Committee shamefully set up to assault women’s wellness organizations favor Planned Parenthood, which gives lifesaving reproductive health services to countless women and also families throughout the country.

Rep. Nadler has also been a life-long advocate for the differently-abled, shepherding the Americans v Disabilities Act repair Act of 2007 with the elafilador.net.

Even beforehand in his career in the State Assembly, Rep. Nadler was a major civil legal rights voice. That passed the an initial bills protecting human being with AIDS (PWAs) from discrimination and also served as a key women’s rights advocate, garnering the new York State thing of the nationwide Organization for Women’s “Legislator that the Year” Award, the an initial and among only two males to ever before receive this honor.

Defending civil Liberties

“Jerry Nadler is a gifted constitutional scholar and the conscience the the elafilador.net.”

-- elafilador.net Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

As a nationally known leader on polite liberties, Congressman Nadler has battled for protections against unwarranted federal government interference in our an individual affairs and also has been dubbed “one the the elafilador.net’s most stalwart defenders that the Constitution” by the American civil Liberties Union. His legislation to eliminate the most pernicious facets of the USA PATRIOT action and stop the NSA’s dragnet security of Americans has actually won him worship from organizations and individuals spanning the political and also ideological spectrum. In 2015, he to be one of four Members that the U.S. Residence of to represent to writer the bipartisan USA liberty Act—ending the illegal arsenal of bulk data through the NSA—the i of which represented the first far-ranging reform of federal government surveillance carried out by the federal government because 1978.

Another hallmark that Rep. Nadler’s career is his commitment to due process rights for the accused, his occupational to stop prosecutorial over-zealousness and misconduct, and his staunch advocacy versus the use of illegal torture methods.

Congressman Nadler serves as a champion in the residence for cost-free speech and complimentary expression. He has frequently taken daunting votes on controversial worries in bespeak to stay true come his principles and the basic belief in the civil liberties guaranteed under the first Amendment. He is among Congress’s most vocal defenders of the separation of church and state and also of Americans’ right to exercise their religious beliefs freely, while additionally denouncing efforts by part to use religious beliefs as an excuse to discriminate. Rep. Nadler was one of the lead autonomous sponsors the the religious Freedom reconstruction Act (RFRA) and also the author of the Religious land Use and Institutionalized persons Act (RLUIPA), i m sorry ensure that individuals are able to assert their religious beliefs without jeopardizing the freedom and rights that others. He also has opposed state-based legislations with similar titles the were especially designed come discriminate against LGBT Americans.

Throughout his career, Congressman Nadler has actually adamantly sustained the best to free speech and assembly because that protestors, including during the 2004 Republican national Convention and also the Occupy wall surface Street demonstrations, which centered in his district.

Leading on net and modern technology Issues

Nadler was Silicon Alley’s earliest severe political defenders.”

-- Silicon Alley Reporter Magazine

Congressman Nadler represents one of the main tech-hubs of the east Coast—also known as Silicon Alley—and is viewed as a fierce promoter because that the technology industry. As a solid proponent of network neutrality, he has long opposed pay-to-play agreements, and blocking and also discrimination that content, and also has urged the FCC to reclassify broadband service providers as usual carriers. In beforehand 2015, Rep. Nadler reintroduced the Innovation Act, which would address the trouble of shell companies, otherwise well-known as patent trolls, that seek to force financial settlements from enterprise with hazards of high-quality lawsuits over an extremely weak claims of patent infringement.

Representative Nadler has also taken principled stands on crucial technology-related issues, being an outspoken support in fighting versus the overreach the the nationwide Security company (NSA). He introduced the Electronic interactions Privacy action Modernization Act in 2012, i beg your pardon would boost protections because that private interactions stored top top remote computer services, and in 2014 assisted lead elafilador.net elafilador.net Committee initiatives to revolutionary NSA spying programs and protect Americans’ privacy. Congressman Nadler led initiatives on instead of of the democrats in 2015 together one of four co-sponsors of a reintroduced USA freedom Act, i beg your pardon ended mass data collection and also passed with both residences of Congress during an intense conflict on federal government surveillance.

Supporting the Artists and the Arts

“The nation knows him as a protector of civil liberties, defender that women’s rights, promoter of accessibility to health care and also an professional on Middle eastern policy, yet in enhancement to all of that we understand him as a champion of an additional group the the law has actually left behind and also that’s music creators.”

-- Neil Portnow, President and CEO the the record Academy (GRAMMYs)

Representative Nadler is a longtime, top member that the conference Arts Caucus and also created “Americans for the NEA”, which lugged pro-arts supporters from approximately the country to Washington come lobby against attempts come cut resources for the nationwide Endowment because that the arts (NEA). He has likewise consistently battled for resources for the nationwide Endowment because that the Humanities, and also the Corporation because that Public Broadcasting. He has helped secure thousands of millions that dollars for new York’s art and social institutions, consisting of Lincoln Center, the Met, the Museum of organic History, the Museum of afri Art, the NY publicly Library for the Performing Arts, and also many an ext institutions across the district.

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Serving as a Strong, Principled gradual Voice

“From his very first days in politics, Nadler has been a true reformer… indigenous defending abortion accessibility to fighting for the environment and the arts, Nadler has done the appropriate thing time after time.”

-- brand-new York everyday News

As a veteran member that the Congressional progressive Caucus, Jerry Nadler has been a champion that progressive causes both in new York and throughout the country. As among Congress’ leaders on affordable housing, Rep. Nadler has garnered thousands of millions the dollars because that the section 8 routine -- just one the many accomplishments that led the new York daily News to call him, “the for free lion that the new York delegation.” the has also fought vigorously versus cuts to society Security, Medicare, and SNAP benefits, and also has to be an aggressive supporter of health care expansion in order to maintain the country social safety and security net.

As a life-long advocate for functioning people, Congressman Nadler has supported progressive economic breakthrough policy in new York, supporting good-paying union jobs, and also national public plan solutions to finish income inequality. This has leading elafilador.net efforts to revolutionary the country’s bankruptcy legislations in bespeak to better protect median Americans.

“Strongly liberal, with a civil legal rights bent, is considered Congress’ residents intellectual.”

-- Crain’s new York

Rep. Nadler has a long and also distinguished record working to alleviate gun violence, together the author of bills improving the ban on assault weapons and also preventing the sale of firearms to sex offenders. He additionally has been a strong voice ~ above climate readjust and environmental justice, and also has led efforts to ensure that the environmental Protection firm (EPA) provides its complete federal authority and responds an ext aggressively to significant environmental disasters, such as the BP oil spill, and also is the congressional leader on clean ports.

Congressman Nadler’s record has actually earned that scores the awards and praise native various gradual groups, consisting of the organization of conservation Voters, plan Parenthood, the NAACP, the human being Rights Campaign, the Brady project to end Gun Violence, children’s Defense Fund, the American polite Liberties Union, and also the American Federation that Teachers. In the 2015 TIME newspaper Person of The Year issue, Jerry Nadler was named as a Teddy compensation recipient for political courage.