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In the united States, the chairman that the joint Chiefs of employee is the principal armed forces adviser to the president, the secretary the defense, and also the nationwide Security Council. The place was developed by the 1949 amendments come the nationwide Security act of 1947. The chairman appoints the chairman, who need to be confirmed by the Senate, for a two-year term.

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The table offers a perform of chairmen that the share Chiefs that Staff.

Chairmen of the joint Chiefs the Staff due to the fact that 1949 surname military branch dates of service
Gen. The the army Omar N. Bradley U.S. Military Aug. 16, 1949–Aug. 14, 1953
Adm. Arthur W. Radford U.S. Marine Aug. 15, 1953–Aug. 14, 1957
Gen. Nathan F. Twining U.S. Air force Aug. 15, 1957–Sept. 30, 1960
Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer U.S. Military Oct. 1, 1960–Sept. 30, 1962
Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor U.S. Army Oct. 1, 1962–July 1, 1964
Gen. Earle G. Wheeler U.S. Military July 3, 1964–July 1, 1970
Adm. Thomas H. Moorer U.S. Navy July 2, 1970–June 30, 1974
Gen. George S. Brown U.S. Air pressure July 1, 1974–June 20, 1978
Gen. David C. Jones U.S. Air force June 21, 1978–June 17, 1982
Gen. Man W. Vessey, Jr. U.S. Army June 18, 1982–Sept. 30, 1985
Adm. William J. Crowe, Jr. U.S. Marine Oct. 1, 1985–Sept. 30, 1989
Gen. Colin L. Powell U.S. Army Oct. 1, 1989–Sept. 30, 1993
Gen. John M. Shalikashvili U.S. Army Oct. 25, 1993–Sept. 30, 1997
Gen. Harry Shelton U.S. Army Oct. 1, 1997–Sept. 30, 2001
Gen. Richard B. Myers U.S. Air force Oct. 1, 2001–Sept. 29, 2005
Gen. Peter speed U.S. Maritime Corps Sept. 30, 2005–Sept. 30, 2007
Adm. Mike Mullen U.S. Marine Oct. 1, 2007–Sept. 30, 2011
Gen. Boy name Dempsey U.S. Military Sept. 30, 2011–Sept. 25, 2015
Gen. Joseph Dunford U.S. Naval Corps Oct. 1, 2015–Sept. 30, 2019
Gen. Note A. Milley U.S. Army Sept. 30, 2019–