Champlain / Saint-bernard-de-Lacolle – U.S. Interstate 87, Adronack Northway / Canadian Autoroute 15

The border crossing between Champlain, new York and also St. Bernard de Lacolle, Quebec in the city of Blackpool is among the optimal 10 busiest crossings between the 2 countries. It processes over two million travellers each year, through an median of 525,000 visitors in July and August alone. Web traffic congestion has as such been predictably poor at top periods with numerous crashes and also deaths over the past decade. Autoroute 15 come Montreal is listed in some surveys as one of the 10 most congested roadways in North America. Building of far-ranging infrastructure upgrades for this port started in 2003, and also further enhancements are under study.

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American custom-mades at Champlain port of Entry

Both U.S. Federal government 87 and Autoroute 15 on the Canadian side space four-lane divided restricted access highways. Champlain-Lacolle is the only major land crossing between brand-new York and also Canada that does no involve a river crossing.

Current Traffic problems at the Champlain / Lacolle Border Crossing

Always inspect our web page with current border wait times, roadway conditions, and also weather to see real-time road conditions for the Champlain / Lacolle Border Crossing.

Champlain / Lacolle harbor Information

Hours of operation – This harbor is open up 24 hrs per day, 7 work a weekFAST EquippedThere is a different bus roadway heading either northbound or southbound. Southbound, store to the far right the the car lanes.

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Traffic flow at Champlain port of Entry. Click on diagram for larger picture.

Travel Tips because that the Champlain / Lacolle Border Crossing

Travelers have to avoid optimal summer periods, such as weekend afternoons and also the Sunday after the July 18-31 building and construction holiday in Quebec.New York has included bilingual signage ~ above the federal government 87 approachNew York transit authorities deserve to activate message indications to warn approaching drivers of possible delays.You can call 511 or 888-GO511NY (888-465-1169) in new York to get “almost” genuine time road problems information.Québec also has the 511 telephone service, easily accessible 24/7, which offers road problems information. From in ~ Quebec Province call 511 on any kind of phone. You can also reach it from anywhere in north America by call 1 888 355-0511 toy fee free.Duty free Americas operates a 24 hour shop at this border crossing. Telephone: (518) 298 – 4081.GPS collaborates for the Champlain Lacolle harbor of entry: 45.008781, -73.451988

Telephone Numbers because that the Border customizeds Offices at Champlain / Lacolle

Champlain U.S. Custom-mades Office call Number: (518) 298-8311

Map that Champlain / Lacolle port of Entry