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Humans have actually an irrational are afraid of sharks. Many of this, ns believe, issimply fear of the unknown. Us don’t know sharks nor many of theocean and this frightens us. An unified with their bad treatment through themedia and also entertainment world, sharks in its entirety get a poor rap.

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I’m below today to balance the score a little. Statistics placed the riskof a shark attack worldwide at about 1 in virtually 300 million. That’sa 3 with 8 zeros behind it! and also this is only taking right into account thosewho actually go in the water, no your Aunt Mildred that thinks the oceanis "dirty".

That’s a large number, and huge numbers don’t usually median much come people.Let me placed in in much more relatable terms. Right here are 5 things more likely tohappen to you than getting struck by a shark:

Win an Academy Award. over 50 Oscars are provided out every year (including scientific and also technical award winners), meaning you are an ext likely to win the coveted yellow statuette this year than obtain bitten by a shark. Far better get crackin’ on the script!Die when scuba diving. while it suck to think about, end 100 world die a year if scuba diving, often from unknown causes. You’re an ext likely to dice while scuba diving native something prefer an equipment break down than come get struck by a shark. There, don’t you feeling better?

Dealt a complete house---three time in a row. The odds of getting dealt a complete house (three of a kind and also two of one more kind, one of the greatest hands in poker) is 1 in 693.

Let’s speak you invest all night play poker through the guys. You aremore likely to get dealt a full house three times in a rowthan get bitten by a shark. Just exactly how much money did you victory lasttime you play poker?

Killed by a falling aircraft. In murky waters everyone’s on the lookout for killer sharks. How frequently are you on the lookout because that falling aircraft? instead of the an excellent White Shark you should be looking out for the good White Airbus.

Win a Nobel Prize.

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6 prizes room awarded. This actually makes your odds that winning any kind of one year reduced than gaining bit by a shark. However, variable in how regularly they are awarded, and your odds conveniently zoom past shark territory.

In fact, in any type of one year friend are more likely to become a nobel laureate (nominee) 보다 get struck by a shark. No it nice to recognize that the Nobel compensation committee cares much more about you 보다 Jaws?Now don’t you feeling ridiculous? this numbers are only for gettingattacked by a shark. Stop say lightning strikes and you do get bitten(actually, the opportunity of you getting struck by lightning is order ofmagnitude higher than getting struck by a shark). Even then, thechance that you dice is quiet very small (about 1 in 30).

The problem, that course, is the no one stays by statistics. Rather, welive by our emotions. Following time you feel yourself acquiring a littleirrational, start running the number in her head. If worse come toworse, who knows, maybe the sharks will certainly decide to leave Rain Manalone. ;)