There is no minimum GPA or forced test score. At, the admissions committee considers a candidate’s whole application—academic and extracurricular records, essays, letters of recommendation, and optional testing—and yes no one piece of details that alone determines whether or no you would certainly be a an excellent fit for the College. You deserve to learn much more about this holistic testimonial process here.

You are watching: Chances of getting into university of chicago is test-optional, which means that we execute not call for students to share outcomes of the sat or act if you have actually been can not to test or choose not to share your scores. This policy is open up to every applicants, including residential first-year applicants, global applicants, and transfer students. Additional information around our test-optional policy deserve to be found here.

Yes! We expropriate scores the 5 ~ above most progressed Placement (AP) exams and also of 7 on particular International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher-Level examinations for credit; various other scores might be embraced in particular subjects. Learn more about increased course credit here.

While is can not to provide transfer credit transaction to first-year students because that college-level coursework taken prior to matriculation, we know that acquisition college level process while enrolled in high school gives students strong experience v rigorous job-related that prepares you well for the experience. likewise offers placement and accreditation tests come entering students in select subjects to guarantee that students space able to start courses in ~ a level that ideal suits your prior experience in a provided subject.

No. Regardless of what various other test scores you might be submitting, SAT topic Tests scores are entirely optional, and not sending Subject check scores will certainly not hurt her application.

If you pick to send your sat or action scores, walk not require the optional essay part of the sat or ACT. If submitted, the essay score will certainly not be an important part that the applications review.

We superscore check scores, meaning that just your best testing results—your greatest sub-scores and the best result of the two testing options, if you"ve take away both the SAT and ACT— will be taken into consideration in the testimonial of your application. Lower test scores submitted will certainly not be provided in the evaluation of her application. If you have actually chosen come submit satellite or ACT test scores, we recommend that you send us every one of your test scores.

due to the fact that standardized check scores room optional parts of her admissions process, does that average I shouldn’t take the satellite or ACT?

The SAT, ACT, and other standard actions can continue to be crucial part of the college of Chicago’s holistic admission process for students electing come send scores and are a required part of the application procedure at many other very selective schools. These tests can provide beneficial information about a student which we and other colleges will think about alongside the other aspects in a student’s application. Us encourage student to take standardized tests, choose the SAT and ACT, and to share your scores with us if girlfriend think the they are reflective the your ability and potential. Given that many of our peers execute require testing, us anticipate that the vast majority of students will proceed to take it tests and also may still submit their test scores to

We welcome any student, regardless of testing choices, to submit extr materials the they feel ideal highlight your skills, talents, and also potential contributions to Students might submit supplemental materials through their Account. These materials may include, but are not minimal to, an imaginative writing projects; highlights indigenous music/dance/visual art/theater performances; institution capstone jobs such as the AP Capstone, the IB expanded Essay, or the equivalent; research job abstracts; organization plans; or other work-related of note. College student may additionally elect come submit results of AP exams, SAT Subject Tests, or other supplemental trial and error on one optional and self-reported basis.

We testimonial applications holistically, which means there is never a score “cutoff” that would recognize the fate that a student’s application. For plenty of applicants, an satellite or act score have the right to reflect their scholastic preparedness in a broader context. Students that feel this defines them are invited to submit these standardized scores. However, some domestic applicants might feel that an sat or act score go not completely reflect their scholastic preparedness or potential. If this is the case, student may pick"s test-optional an approach of application, and not supply sat or plot scores v their application. Us welcome any type of student nevertheless of testing plan to submit extr material the they feel finest highlights their skills, talents, and also potential contribute to

If I had SAT or action scores sent before applying, have the right to my application be reviewed there is no considering this scores?

Yes, if you previously had SAT or act scores sent before applying, you can indicate in your application that you wish to have actually your application taken into consideration without sat or act scores.

We review every applications within the context of a student’s school, environment, and opportunities. If you feeling there is something that ideal highlights your skills, talents, and potential contributions to—and you have actually not currently included it in your application—please re-superstructure it with us!

Your transcript reflects your academic record in the context of your school, but, due to the fact that one school deserve to be very different indigenous another, it is advantageous to see proof of scholastic achievement that exists external of the context of her school. This is why part colleges ask applicants to submit an satellite or act score.

For numerous applicants, an sat or act score deserve to reflect their academic preparedness in this more comprehensive context. If you feel your satellite or ACT mirrors your scholastic preparedness well, then please feel totally free to send this through your application. Some domestic applicants may feel the an satellite or plot score go not completely reflect their scholastic preparedness or potential. If this is the situation for you, friend may select"s test-optional an approach of application, and also not supply sat or act scores v your application.

We allow students to decide for themselves what optional information ideal represents your college readiness so the they deserve to submit your strongest possible application. We want students come know: the applications does not define them, they specify the application.

Yes, we superscore both the SAT and also ACT, meaning that if you take either test multiple times, we will certainly take your highest individual sub-section scores and combine lock to provide you the highest in its entirety score possible.

Starting in march 2016, the university Board available a new, redesigned version of the SAT. We will proceed to expropriate scores indigenous the old version of the satellite for the five years the the scores continue to be valid and will superscore within both the old exam and also the new, yet will no superscore between the 2 versions.

Both domestic and also international applicants who choose to submit sat or act scores may share either main or self-reported satellite or act scores. These students will certainly not be required to submit main score reports uneven they space admitted and choose come enroll. Students room able come self-report check scores through the Coalition or common Application or may share a transcript that includes test scores.

Applicants who attend a high school in the United states may likewise self-submit high institution transcripts and will be compelled to submit an main transcript if they space admitted and also choose to enroll. Global students should submit an official copy of your high school transcript.

The most efficient supplements re-publishing a representative sample of work that is necessary to the applicant. One to 2 minutes that a videotaped work, two or 3 high-quality prints that a job-related of art, the finest paragraph or web page of a creatively created work, or an summary of original research are recommended. If you do not think that a traditional essay layout can meaningfully share that you are, girlfriend can also submit an alternative Project as an additional material. Alternative Projects might be multimedia functions (videos, picture essays, art work, poetry, etc.) the applicants believe will introduce and also represent themselves to admissions counselors.

We need two letter of recommendation from 2 teachers of any academic subjects. If someone who is not a teacher can provide a different perspective on your job-related or personality, they room welcome to send in a supplemental referral in addition to your 2 teacher recommendations. Pick the teacher who understand you best; they don"t should be in subjects regarded your intended major.

You may submit one additional letter that recommendation. The writer should know you personally and also have worked carefully with girlfriend in some capacity; this might include a coach, spiritual leader, group adviser, or employer, to name a few.

We suggest that friend note any word boundaries for Coalition or usual Application essays; however, there are no strictly word borders on the supplement essays. For the expanded essay (where you select one of several prompts), we suggest that you target for around 650 words. While us won"t, together a rule, protect against reading ~ 650 words, we"re just human and also cannot promise that an too many wordy essay will organize our attention indefinitely. Because that the “Why” essay, we suggest around 250-500 words. The ideas in your creating matter more than the exact variety of words you use!

A tiny while ~ the applications deadline has actually passed, girlfriend will be able to check to view which application materials we have received and also processed through logging in come your Account. Offered the big volume of product submitted every year, there will certainly be a reasonable lot of handling time in between when you submit her documents and when castle will show up in her Account. If noþeles is missing, us will offer you ample time to submit or resubmit it.

Yes. The most effective supplements re-superstructure a representative sample of job-related that is vital to the applicant. One to two minutes of a recorded work, 2 or 3 high-quality prints that a work-related of art, the ideal paragraph or web page of a creatively composed work, or an summary of original research are recommended. In addition, if you execute not think that a classic essay style can meaningfully share who you are, you have the right to submit an different Project. The tasks that deserve to be submitted space multimedia (videos, picture essays, arts work, poetry, etc.) the they believe introduces castle to your admissions counselor and the community.

If friend would choose to include your voice to your application, you have actually the choice to send a two-minute video introduction, as an alternate to an interview. Your recording go not need to be generally rehearsed or polished, and the video clip does not must be edited. no longer offers on-campus or alumni interviews as component of the applications process.

The video introduction is no required and also is totally optional. A video advent is one more way for united state to obtain to recognize you and hear her voice (literally!), but it is up to the applicant whether or not to incorporate one. College student who pick not to send a video introduction will certainly not it is in penalized in any way.

The option of submitting a video clip gives students which great to do so a various medium for occurring their voice and ideas. In reviewing optional video clip profiles, the focus will it is in on the contents of the video rather than on production quality. Students that submit a video are motivated to movie in a quiet space that boundaries outside distractions (background noise, music, pet or sibling interference, etc.). If it’s it s okay to rehearse your post a little bit so that you feeling confident and ready, it’s beneficial for united state to hear these talked in her normal, conversational voice—memorizing a “script” or analysis from all set notes is no necessary and also might detract indigenous a feeling of your actual voice.

Yes. meets the full-demonstrated financial need of every admitted student through a need-based financial assist award that consists of no loan expectation. Each financial help award is tailored come the student and family’s particular financial profile; we need a few forms and also documents in order to sell students an appropriate package. Although domestic applicants may apply for financial aid at any type of time, us recommend that they use for assist when they use for join in bespeak to get an aid decision in a stylish manner. does no charge an applications fee to students who indicate that they intended to apply for jae won aid. Learn more about applying for’s financial aid.

Exemplary students room selected to get University merit scholarships ~ above the basis of outstanding academic achievement, extracurricular achievement, prove leadership, and also commitment to their communities. Merit awards are determined by committee top top the basis of the applications for admission without factor to consider of gaue won need. These awards range by amount native $5,000-$10,000 and can be awarded for four years that undergraduate examine or as resources for summer opportunities. We additionally offer scholarships for first-generation university students, the children of police and firefighters, and the kids of Chicago Public institutions educators. Each college student admitted come the College will be automatically considered because that merit scholarships; applicants carry out not have to fill out an additional application, with the exception of the Police and Fire Scholarship.

i had negative grades or a special circumstance that impacted my performance in high school. Go this median I won’t gain in?

No one’s document is perfect, and we recognize that sometimes students’ transcripts have qualities that are not indicative that their scholastic capabilities when they use to college. If you have made significant strides in your scholastic performance, or outside circumstances have actually caused bumps follow me the way, you re welcome make certain that comes across in your application. The additional Information portion of the application is a an excellent place to talk about this. Us truly embrace a holistic strategy to analysis applications, and this approach means seeing applicants together multi-faceted individuals rather 보다 one-dimensional students.

ns am taking the November satellite or October ACT together an Early action or early on Decision i applicant, or the January satellite or February ACT together a continual Decision or early Decision II applicant. Will certainly you think about these scores?

While us would, of course, like to get your scores prior to the proper deadline, we will certainly accept October ACT and also November satellite scores for Early activity and beforehand Decision I, December SAT and also ACT scores for early on Decision II, and January SAT and also February action scores for continual Decision.

Contact information for ours varsity coaches, and also a inspection for students interested in participating in varsity athletics, may be found here.

We perform not offer second bachelor’s degrees. You re welcome visit the website the the Graham institution of continuing Liberal and Professional Studies for details on post-baccalaureate coursework and also non-degree-program coursework.

My school experience to be disrupted or adjusted significantly during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Will certainly this negatively influence my application to

We know that schools approximately the people made the daunting choice come close or engage in far learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we know numerous students may have experienced different grading equipment or an inability to interact in institution in your typical way in the feather of 2020. always reviews applicants in the paper definition of your school’s environment and grading practices, and will continue to provide full factor to consider to all applicants nevertheless of the an approach of grading or assessment your college selected. We also know that countless students knowledgeable a disruption come their usual level of joining in extracurricular activities. Remainder assured the these circumstances, i beg your pardon we recognize were outside of any kind of student’s control, will not negatively affect your application to or other colleges.

i am no a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident, but have been living in the United claims for some time or am in the procedure of obtaining a eco-friendly card but have not yet received one. Am I considered an global student?

Yes, for application and also financial help purposes you will be thought about an global applicant until you receive a eco-friendly card. Because that further assist and concerns as they arise during this process, call us at
I recognize that many colleges are at this time closed to visitors. How have the right to I learn much more about there is no a physics visit come campus?

We offer a selection of virtual methods to learn an ext about"s academic, extracurricular, and also admissions processes here.

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Gap Years will take into consideration requests to take a one-year space year native incoming first-year students before June 15. To be eligible for consideration, interested students need to accept their market of admission and place one enrollment deposit (or have a deposit fees waiver in place). Students need to then use for a void year through their local admissions counselor and will receive written confirmation from the Dean of Admissions if approved. Space year requests should incorporate a plan for a full year that structured programming, work, ar involvement, or other expedition that might not be completed while enrolled in school. Students taking void years will certainly be inquiry to authorize an commitment outlining expectations for conduct throughout their gap year. Second or two-year space year inquiry are rarely approved other than under inescapable or well-defined national policies (typically consisting of obligatory national/military organization or other similar commitments).


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