Period sex deserve to be a divisive matter. For some people it’s a regular part of your sex lives, because that others the a messy no, no. Whatever your view on the matter, right here at organic Cycles, we’re all around clearing increase the myths and misconceptions around reproductive health, for this reason we’re top top hand to answer one simple question: ‘can you obtain pregnant on her period?’


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Can girlfriend be abundant on your period?

While it’s incredibly unlikely, the straightforward answer is yes. Women space not maybe to develop whilst on your period, but sperm survives within the woman reproductive system for increase to 5 days. This means that a tiny fraction of ladies do have actually a small chance of coming to be pregnant native unprotected sex during their period. It all relies on the size of her menstrual cycle… simple, right?

Let’s take it an example, say you have a menstrual cycle shorter than 28 days. You have actually sex in the direction of the end of her six-day-long duration and ovulate shortly after, then there is a opportunity that few of the sperm survive and also you could get pregnant. For this reason while acquiring pregnant is unlikely, it’s technically feasible if friend don’t recognize your productive window.

Can girlfriend ovulate on your period?

You cannot ovulate on her period. If you are trying to arrangement a pregnancy, the ideal time to develop is ~ above the day of ovulation and also 24 hours before - therefore the opportunities of being productive on your period are incredibly low. It’s likewise worth discovering that some women might experience spotting approximately ovulation - this is a lot smaller quantity of blood 보다 you gain with period bleeding. If you are spotting, you may be fertile.

Chances of gaining pregnant if on your period

It’s very unlikely friend will get pregnant in the days immediately before your period. However, we room all unique and also our cycles are not the same and also so our height fertility varies. This way for some females the days prior to menstruation space fertile. Gaining pregnant 5 days prior to your duration is a possibility for some women, if castle ovulate close to the finish of your menstrual cycle, however typically optimal fertility occurs previously in the menstrual cycle.

Can you acquire pregnant ~ above your period with bear control?

Unfortunately, no method of birth control technique is 100% effective. For this reason if you usage a condom on her period, that breaks and also you are fertile directly after her period, over there is quiet a risk of pregnant - although this is extremely unlikely. If you are using hormonal birth control, climate the monthly bleeding you might experience is not in truth a period, it’s dubbed a withdrawal bleed. Because hormonal birth manage works by protecting against ovulation, you will not have a fertile window in the same way as with non-hormonal bear control. If you’re using organic Cycles together a bear control an approach - climate you will recognize your own fertile window.

The ins and also outs of period sex

So currently we understand it is feasible to gain pregnant on your period, it’s essential you take it the right precautions. When supplied correctly, barrier methods such together the condom are very effective at avoiding pregnancy and likewise offer protection against STIs.

While numerous may think it’s gun or messy, having actually sex ~ above your period is perfect healthy and also lots of women swear by it because that a number of reasons. Because of a emboldened in progesterone, you may discover your sex drive increases about menstruation. On optimal of this, orgasms can alleviate period cramps and cause the uterus come contract more, i m sorry in the finish can mean much shorter periods too.

Before you get into the swing that things, make sure you remove any type of tampons or expression cups prior to sex. This block the vaginal passage and it deserve to be attention if they room misused or left too lengthy inside the vagina.

While you could be expecting a Stephen King-style horror scene, you might actually be surprised by how tiny menstrual blood there is. The heaviness that your period is a very personal thing the varies indigenous cycle to cycle, however, the mean woman will certainly only produce 6-8 teaspoons worth of blood throughout her whole period. That being said, you could want to have an extra bath towel on hand, or imply things get steamy in the shower.

Period tracking and also logging sex

Women who use natural Cycles take your temperature every morning and also record that in the app. The method works by identify a rise in human body temperature just before ovulation. This way Natural Cycles have the right to tell you as soon as you can and also can’t obtain pregnant, so girlfriend will understand your own fertility whilst on her period, or any type of day of your cycle, for the matter. On peak of this, you will likewise know where you room in her cycle, meaning you can setup for her period, PMS or as soon as to perform a me breast exam.

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If friend are looking for a hormone-free birth manage option that learns your unique cycle, then herbal Cycles might be the systems you’ve been looking for.