A guy buying a Powerball ticket in 2016. Winning has a 1 in 175 million odds. KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images
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The odds of to win the lottery are pretty slim, however the possibilities of winning twice in a solitary day it seems to be ~ impossible. Because that North Carolina resident Kimberly Morris, this improbable occasion happened ~ above Monday.

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According come a press release from the north Carolina education and learning Lottery, Morris purchase a Diamond Dazzler scratch-off ticket through a feasible $4,000,000 jackpot. She scratched off a $10,000 prize. The ticket was purchased in ~ her local Harris Teeter save in wake Forest.

After collecting she prize money at the lottery headquarters in Raleigh, Morris made decision to shot her luck again, to buy yet one more Diamond Dazzler ticket that also had a possible $4,000,000 win.

This time, the mother-of-three snagged $1 million.

Morris didn"t anticipate such luck. "I wasn"t really expecting much," she said in the release. "I just enjoy play the lottery."

She called her husband, john Morris, ~ above her way home to share the good news, however he to be skeptical.

"She was freaking the end on the phone," that said. "I couldn"t understand her, so i told her to slow-moving down. When I realized what she to be saying, i didn"t believe her at first. I had to come home and see it because that myself."

It appears insane that this would take place twice in a day, but statistician Ronald Wasserstein that the American statistical Association claims it"s not that crazy.

"It is an extremely unlikely that an individual will win two huge prizes ~ above scratch-off ticket on the exact same day, however, it"s an extremely likely the it will take place to who somewhere," that said.


Winning the lottery double is improbable, but statistician claims it will occur several time a year. Scott Olson/Getty ImagesWasserstein claimed it"s complicated to nail down precise figure together he"d have to know precisely how that particular ticket was marketed in north Carolina. However, he approximates the probability of to win $1 million and $10,000 on two tickets native the state"s scratch-off ticket is around 1 in 44,000,000.

Despite that is rarity, Wasserstein said it will certainly happen more than as soon as in 2017.

"Since millions of world play the lottery every day, we have the right to actually expect things prefer this to occur a few times a year what in the U.S." that said.

So, is over there anything you have the right to do to boost the opportunities of win big? Yes, follow to Richard Lustig, a seven-time lottery winner. That told CBS in 2013 the the secret is in picking your own numbers, and also he penned a book about his theory.

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However, Wasserstein, the statistician, stated the only thing that have the right to increase your possibility of winning is come buy much more tickets.