Hi Chanel, you re welcome kick things off because that us v an introduction to yourself and your story.

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Thanks to the MTV display “The Hills,” I always dreamed of life the city life. As soon as I became an adult and started my large girl job, i made the dream come true and moved come Dallas! ns was so excited to have actually a location to organize girl’s night, sip wine, and also spill tea! return it no the hills, Mockingbird terminal was a great start. I saw someone ~ above Instagram make a charcuterie board and also I believed it would be perfect for my girl’s night! It to be a large hit and so lot fun come make. I dropped in love through how an innovative you can get and also how it carried people together! ~ a year of making them and making progress, numerous friends argued I offer them. With a background in Nursing, ns didn’t know where come start yet with all the downtime during quarantine, ns was maybe to gain going. My girlfriend Kelsey gave me some ideas on how to jumpstart and I had actually my very first order for a Friendsgiving. Mine nickname is CoCo, therefore I thought it would be a funny and simple business name. My friend was supportive from the beginning and helps me prep, shop, and deliver, I think about him vice President.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper right into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the difficulties you’ve had to overcome?I would say because that the most part the road has actually been nice smooth. My boyfriend, family, and also friends have actually been for this reason supportive, which provides the journey fun. I definitely struggled v overwhelming myself in the beginning and also taking ~ above too many orders because that holidays. Ns was excited service was liven that i didn’t want to turn away customers. I have learned come say no and to to trust the process.

Appreciate you share that. What else need to we know about what girlfriend do?Full time, ns a Registered Nurse however my service specializes in charcuterie boxes! I’m many proud of how much I have improved and how conveniently I had the ability to jumpstart this. My boxes was standing out since of the range of goodies inside!

Who rather deserves credit transaction in your story?I absolutely want to give thanks to my Boyfriend, Ryan, certainly encouraged me and also helped me get whatever started and helped me with supplies and inventory. My finest friend, Bria, to be my an initial customer and also trusted me v her Friendsgiving. My mom and dad assist me deliver all over the DFW.

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$35 small box feeds 2-3 people and also comes v 3 various cheeses$55 huge box feeds 4-6 people and comes with 4 different cheeses

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