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FOX 11 News has actually a long heritage of extending the local stories that matter most to the civilization of southerly California. We know you watch stories and wonder why friend don't see it on the neighborhood news. We're trying to make it even much easier for you to share your stories. The easiest way is because that you to either download our news app, click "Browse" climate scroll come the bottom to submit a news tip, or email us directly at fox11news with the topic line "News Tip." We review every email and try to answers in a stylish manner, if necessary.

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KTTV FOX 11 / KCOP 13, 1999 southern Bundy Drive, Los Angeles CA 90025

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The FOX 11 / KCOP 13 lobby deserve to be reached at 310-584-2000. 

Our lobby is staffed weekday during company hours and also will it is in happy to straight your contact to the proper person. Throughout nights and weekends hours, an automated attendant will assist you.

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News & great Day LA: 310-584-2025Satellite Waiver details Line: 310-584-2002Sports information Line: 310-584-2348Job Line: 310-584-2280

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For any type of questions or comments about FOX 11 or My13 programming, please email united state at fox11programming with the topic of your email as "Attention: Programming". Friend can also call the programming comment line at 310-584-2005.

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If friend are having trouble through closed captioning, here are the names and also telephone numbers, fax numbers, and also e-mail addresses for purposes of receiving and responding immediately to any type of closed captioning concerns.

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If you require to contact someone ~ above the FOX 11 digital team, email the website administrator for the FOX 11 website at KTTVdigital with the topic of your email as "Attention: Website Administrator"

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If you space interested in declaring on FOX 11, the FOX sporting activities App, FOX now Live App, FOX 11 News App, FOX 11 Weather government App, FOX 11’s society media platforms, or KCOP mine 13, please call Seng Phan at 310-584-2208 or email at seng.phan

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