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Meet the Team firstcoastnews.com WTLV

4 hours ago Meet the anchors, reporters and also meteorologists from First coast News WTLV-WJXX in Jacksonville, Florida. Skip Navigation. Anthony Austin is a reporter/anchor for First shore News NBC 12/ABC 25.

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Contact an initial Coast News WTLVWJXX Jacksonville, Florida

(904) 633-88711 hours ago Phone: (904) 633-8871 proclaiming information because that the First coast News sales staff consisting of local and also national sales, WJXX ABC25 and WTLV NBC12. Ar Affairs

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Jacksonville"s Leading regional News: Weather, web traffic

1 hours earlier Jacksonville news, weather, traffic, sports and events indigenous First shore News WTLV-WJXX in Jacksonville, Florida

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Text first Coast News with your news tips, videos

904-633-88085 hours ago Save First coast News in your phone for this reason you have the right to text us v tips & videos. Text our 904-633-8808 with your news tips, photos, videos, or questions. The is …

WTLV very first COAST NEWS tv Stations 1070 E

(904) 354-12129 hours earlier 5 reviews of WTLV- First shore News "A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make a media illustration on First Coast Living for Yelp"s optimal 50 areas to Eat in Jacksonville list. I"m constantly honored to walk on local television train station to promote the amazing neighborhood businesses scene in Jax. The team the Curtis and Haddie took an excellent care that me ~ above the show!

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First coast News: Employee brochure ZoomInfo.com

4 hours earlier First coast News Employee Directory. First shore News that company office is located in 1070 E Adams St, Jacksonville, Florida, united States and also has 129 employees. first shore news. wtlv. Firstcoastnews.com. Firstcoastnews.com. Firstcoastnews.com. wtlv/wjxx

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Download the NEW first Coast News app! WTLV

5 hours earlier First shore News has a new app, download it here. ~ above our new app, it’s straightforward to follow her favorite topics, sign up because that weather alerts and also watch live video. This video record cannot be play

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Local News Jacksonville, Florida firstcoastnews.com

6 hours earlier First coastline News has all the sights and sounds from Week four of the high school football season. Live team coverage starts at 5 p.m. Through SIDELINE 2021 at 11:15 p.m Sports

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WTLVWJXX type Vaccine Team come Answer Viewer concerns

7 hours earlier And depending upon where friend live, the answers room different. Therefore to assist viewers discover the answers, WTLV-WJXX, Tegna’s NBC and ABC affiliates in Jacksonville, Fla., branded with each other as First shore News, created a Vaccine Team, consisting of reporters and also producers who take calls, emails and texts from viewers and also share that information on all their platforms.

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10 Investigative Reporters in Jacksonville, FL Directory

1 hours back First shore News - Jacksonville, FLNews Anchor/ Reportersince Aug 2012 KATV - tiny Rock, ARNews Anchor / ReporterDec 2006 - Nov 2012. Investigative Reporter / Fill-In Anchor at Fox Tel.. Complete Profile. Thad Toomer Jacksonville, FL. Chef Investigative Reporter in ~ WTLV TV12. Full Profile.