PORTLAND, Ore. (elafilador.net) - A burglar used a vehicle to breakdown the glass doors the a service in Portland’s Pearl district on October 17 roughly 6:00 a.m.

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PORTLAND, Ore. (elafilador.net) - Grim statistics from Portland police mirrors a drastic spike of gun violence in the subway area. This year alone, police say they"ve responded to much more than 1,000 shootings. Now, local establishments are banding together in hopes of restoring peace in the city.


by Aya Elamroussi, Taylor Romine, Leyla Santiago, Randi Kaye and Sara Weisfeldt, CNN to update 3 hrs earlier

The FBI"s Denver office claimed Thursday the remains uncovered a day previously in a Florida nature reserve space those of Brian Laundrie, who disappeared last month just days ~ his fiancée Gabby Petito to be reported missing.

MARION COUNTY, Ore. (elafilador.net) – A Marion County judge sentenced a man to 10 year in jail for a crash that eliminated a man in June 2020.


PORTLAND, Ore. (elafilador.net) – Portland police speak one person is in custody in link with a burglary at local hardware store.


PORTLAND, Ore. (elafilador.net) - The Portland Police bureau is questioning for the public"s help to determine two suspects in an assault investigation.

Portland Public institutions to organize listening session v students on feasible COVID-19 vaccine mandate

through Aya Elamroussi, Taylor Romine, Leyla Santiago, Randi Kaye and Sara Weisfeldt, CNN update 3 hrs earlier

Florida education firm to investigate personal school ordering pupils who obtain a vaccine shooting to continue to be home

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