We have. Because that a few years, detailed headshots because that WTKR Channel 3’s news staff. In the last month, three new, young journalists have actually joined Channel 3.

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An award-winning journalist and passionate digital storyteller, Zak Dahlheimer is excited to it is in in Hampton Roads. Friend can capture Zak anchoring weekend evenings for WTKR and also WGNT, and reporting during the week.Before relocating to Virginia in march 2020, Zak functioned as a reporter because that WNCN in Raleigh, phibìc Carolina. While in the Triangle, Zak report on story all roughly the state, including Hurricanes Florence and Dorian and the 2020 primary election. He likewise reported ~ above assignment in Virginia Beach following the 2019 mass shooting at the city’s municipal center, and also in the Florida Panhandle covering the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.Zak additionally worked as an anchor and investigative reporter in ~ KESQ-TV and CBS local 2 in Palm Springs, California. If in the Coachella Valley, Zak reported on wildfires, earthquakes, high-profile court cases, consisting of the Pinyon Pines triple murder trial and Turpin boy abuse case, the 2016 deadly Palm Springs tourism bus crash, the 2016 and 2018 elections and also California legalizing to chat marijuana use.Before moving out west, he spent time in his residence state the Florida working as a reporter and also fill-in anchor for WJHG-TV and also WECP-TV, the NBC and CBS affiliates in Panama City Beach.Zak i graduated Magna Cum Laude through a Bachelor of Science level in Telecommunication and an exterior Concentration in Political science from the university of Florida. While at UF, the anchored and also reported for WUFT News, the PBS and NPR stations serving North main Florida.Zak has earned a regional Emmy nomination, and also numerous awards indigenous the Radio television Digital News combination of the Carolinas (RTDNAC), Florida connected Press tv Association and National transfer Society.Outside the newsroom, his other passions include playing guitar, speak motorcycles, traveling and cheering ~ above the Florida Gators!

Antoinette “Annie” DelBel is a Western new York native, born and raised in Buffalo. Prior to joining the News 3 team in April 2020, Antoinette operated as a multimedia journalist at 13WHAM in Rochester, new York.Prior come making the decision come jump ago into tv news in 2018, Antoinette offered as a interactions director for a new York State senator. For three years, she learned the ins and also outs that the legislative procedure and functioned on highlighting several complicated and controversial issues, consisting of gun laws, immigrant issues and also disparities in education, health and wellness care and infrastructure funding.She began her broadcast career in 2011 together a Reporter/MMJ for Spectrum News in Buffalo (formerly Time Warner Cable News). One intrepid reporter, Antoinette extended Buffalo’s historic 2014 November snowstorm “Snowvember,” and also several story on daredevil Nik Wallenda. For 2 years, she singlehandedly reported news across Niagara County the end of the Niagara falls newsroom.Antoinette holds a master’s level in Communications/TV broadcasting from brand-new York institute of Technology. She earned she bachelor’s degree in English at Daemen College where she also served as a reporter and also editor-in-chief at she college paper.When she’s no working, Antoinette loves come travel, work out, read and spend time with family and her Yorkie Bella. One audacious personality, she additionally enjoys soaking increase the sun at the beach and also hitting the tide on her surfboard. Antoinette is dazzling to call Hampton roadways home.


KJ has actually a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology native Mississippi State University and a Bachelor the Arts level in transfer Journalism native the college of south Carolina.As a southern Carolina native, KJ is well versed top top east shore weather patterns. KJ previously functioned as a meteorologist at WPDE in Myrtle Beach, southern Carolina, WAFF in Huntsville, Alabama and also WOAY in Oak Hill, West Virginia. KJ involves News 3 with tropical, severe and also winter weather experience.KJ is excited come be part the first Warning Storm Team and also share his enthusiasm for weather on every fronts.

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Sign up with KJ for the forecast and also some clever puns by following his society media pages and also on weekend mornings indigenous 6 a.m. Till 8 a.m.