Monica job WCMH4 Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Husband, Children, Height, Salary and Net Worth

Monica work is one American reporter from Palm Beach, FL right now working as an anchor for WCMH 4, an NBC affiliate based in Columbus Ohio.

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Monica work is an American journalist from Palm Beach, FL at this time working as an anchor for WCMH 4, an NBC affiliate based in Columbus Ohio.

Monica Day

Monica work Biography

She won the miss out on Ohio USA location in so late 2007, she went on to represent Ohio in the miss USA 2008 pageant held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 11, 2008.

Although she go not location in the nationwide pageant, she did victory the miss Congeniality award, the very first for her state. She appears on WCMH 4, one NBC affiliate based in Columbus Ohio where she is one anchor because that the morning news broadcast.

Monica day WCMH

WCMH-TV (Channel 4) announced Thursday the Monica Day has been called co-anchor that NBC4 Today, the weekday morning newscast.

Day, who has been with the station since 2006, will occupational with Matt Barnes, that took over together co-anchor the the regime in January.

WCMH-TV (Channel 4) announced Thursday that Monica Day has been named co-anchor the NBC4 Today, the weekday morning newscast.

She, who has been with the station due to the fact that 2006, will job-related with Matt Barnes, who took over together co-anchor of the program in January. That relocate was part of the gas reorganization that anchors after the retirement that Cabot Rea, who left the terminal in December ~ 30 year there.

As of morning co-anchor Katie Ferrell, who started working for the station in August, will move to the weekend evening news desk.

She’ll fill the project that will certainly be vacated following month by Candice Lee, who has actually been through the station because 2007. She son, Darron, to be drafted through the NFL’s new York jet in April after three years as a linebacker at Ohio State.

Monica day NBC4


Harmony project is excited to welcome Matt Barnes and Monica Day, co-anchors the NBC4 Today, come the Columbus Commons phase on June 7, 2018, to emcee The Concert because that Community.

Matt and also Monica space living the “Local 4 You” brand, together they both prospered up in central Ohio.

Matt is a Hartley Hawk who was born and also raised ~ above Columbus’ Eastside. That is a proud graduate that the E.W. Scripps school of Journalism at Ohio University.

Matt started his broadcasting job at NBC4 together an intern. ~ a short time working in Augusta, GA, he came ago to Columbus having landed his dream job working in his hometown.

Monica Day also grew increase on the eastern side of Columbus, graduating indigenous Whitehall Yearling High School. She started her career at NBC4 in 2006, working as the traffic and entertainment reporter prior to working her method up come morning anchor.

While functioning at NBC4, Monica was crowned miss out on Ohio 2008, representing the Buckeye State at the miss out on USA competition whereby she winner the location of miss out on Congeniality. Matt and Monica both say their favorite part of the project is helping regional charities and also community members tell your stories.

Monica day Age

Monica day is a Columbus, Ohio broadcaster who contended in the miss out on USA pageant in 2008. She was born top top July 5. 1982 in Palm Beach, FL.

Monica job Family

She to be born in Palm Beach, Florida to Jim Hillegass(Dad) and Linda Sapp(Mom). She is a 2000 graduate the Whitehall-Yearling High college in Whitehall, Ohio whereby she was elevated by her mother and her stepfather Charles Boggs.

Day’s grand is Bill Sapp, a main Ohio restaurateur who, with his companion Lee Henry, established The peak Steakhouse, The Kahiki and also The wine Cellar restaurant in the 1950s and 1960s.

Monica work Husband

Monica is married to her husband Sean. The household lives in Columbus. She said the thing she likes most about her task is the opportunity to be affiliated with regional charities and also events.

Day has actually been an extremely active in elevating awareness that ovarian cancer during her time at NBC4 and also is an avid support of The Ronald McDonald House.

Monica job Children

The couple has a daughter Presley and also two fur-babies.

Monica work Height

Monica stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 9 inches(175cm) tall. She has actually brown eye color and likewise her hair is color, Brown.

Monica Day value Range

Monica’s value is approximated to be between $5k to $10k annually.

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Monica Day network Worth Range

Day go on to stand for Ohio in the miss USA 2008 pageant hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada top top April 11. 2008. Day has actually an estimated Net worth of $700,000 thousand dollars.