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WOAI-TV mountain Antonio, TexasUnited says Branding Slogan channels Subchannels Transmitter strength elevation basic ID Transmitter works with licensing authority Public patent information: Website
News 4 mountain Antonio
Sharing the san Antonio Spirit(70th anniversary, 2019)
Digital: 48 (UHF)(to move to 28 (UHF))Virtual: 4 (PSIP)

905 kW612 kW (CP)
457 m (1,499 ft)
29°16?11?N 98°15?55?W / 29.26972°N 98.26528°W / 29.26972; -98.26528Coordinates: 29°16?11?N 98°15?55?W / 29.26972°N 98.26528°W / 29.26972; -98.26528


Detailed Antenna Reception information For NBC 4 mountain Antonio WOAI


News 4 san Antonio is the an initial San Antonio TV station, and also it began broadcasting every the back in 1949. Unfortunately, regardless of the truth that is the earliest of mountain Antonio tv stations, its share of the mountain Antonio news industry has declined for much of the previous 30 years. Nothing let the number fool you, though–WOAI TV is a high quality station worth your attention.

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If you want an immediate report on san Antonio weather then click the ‘Extras’ button above, and also it will certainly take you directly to the WOAI weather section. Finally, if she interested in a various station or stream, usage the search box at the top of the page.

News4 is owned by Sinclair broadcast Group. That is an affiliate that the network NBC network. Together an affiliate, mountain Antonio WOAI often tends to emphasis its original news coverage on local issues during the classic morning, mid-day, evening and also late-night news slots. News 4 SA right now airs 24.5 hrs of station produced news broadcasts per week. The weekdays display 5 hours of news, while every day the the weekend has actually 1 hour specialized to SA news.

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Also, the News 4 mountain Antonio sports ar produces a half-hour SA sporting activities highlight present called sporting activities Sunday, i m sorry is displayed each Sunday at 10:30 p.m. To fill in the rest of its broadcast schedule, the terminal airs nationwide programs listed by NBC.

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