While some veterans stay on air, many have relocated on — either to new markets, new opportunities or retirement. 

While part veterans stay on air, many have moved on — one of two people to new markets, brand-new opportunities or retirement. 

Frank Absher, executive, management director that the St. Luigi Media background Foundation, claimed the affect of local television personalities has waned over the past several years as social media and also cable news have actually risen. The connection to viewers has advanced as fewer civilization watch, and there is greater turnover amongst on-air talent. 

"It"s to a different degree mainly since many that the individualities in lower-paid tasks are making use of it together a stepping stone. In the past, this is wherein the human wanted come be, to put down their roots," he said.

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But St. Louisans stay intrigued by TV news individualities with neighborhood roots. We captured up with a couple of of our previous favorites and asked them come tell united state what they room doing now (their answers have been edited for length and clarity). Countless of these anchors are conveniently recognizable, while others had shorter TV careers and also are forging new paths ahead.

Hearing their story is like catching up with an old girlfriend — albeit one we"ve only well-known through ours screens.


Then • when I was a kid cultivation up in rock Hill, i had desires of working in St. Louis TV news, and lucky me, for 7 years I gained to live those dreams. First as a reporter in ~ KTVI (where i was likewise the night switchboard operator my senior year the high school), and also then as a reporter and anchor in ~ KMOV. I have fond memories of reporting (and sweating) indigenous the VP Fair, covering stories choose the huge Red move to Arizona and working alongside some true St. Louis legends.

Now • i recall saying to a few legends I worked alongside, “I watched you when I was growing up.” Now, civilization say the to me, i m sorry I’ve found is both a flattering and also a “was that really necessary?” sort of moment. Ns left to walk to CBS News, wherein I spent 20 years based in new York and for a time, Washington, D.C., as a correspondent and also anchor. For the last nine years, I’ve to be lead anchor and also executive editor in ~ WKYC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland. That a wonderful city that reminds me a most St. Louis. Yet there’s nothing like my hometown. I miss out on it, and also yes, i will constantly bleed Cardinal Red.

image courtesy of Russ Mitchell

Then • ns joined KSDK in 1979, coming from KCMO (now KCTV) in Kansas City, my hometown. In 27 year at Channel 5, ns did a little bit of whatever from clinical reporting, celebrity interviews, an hourlong display from London, to our successful fostering feature, Karen’s Kids. I also had the opportunity to cover 5 presidential nominating conventions, and also two presidential inaugurations. My favorite assignment was more than likely our interview routine "Face come Face." For many of mine years i anchored night newscasts. The best component of my job was, without doubt, working v the outstanding human being at Channel 5.

Now • ~ retiring native KSDK, i was surprised by a job offer indigenous Ameren. It was a well-spent couple of years, educational and also satisfying, once again functioning with dedicated St. Louisans. In 2011, i moved full time to Santa Fe, new Mexico. Here I have been may be to seek a long-deferred dream to study painting. After first working in pastels, i have recently started experimenting v oil paints. The it s as beautiful as picture surroundings that mountains and also high desert with old adobe buildings offer plenty of topic matter. I’ve also become a contributor to the op-ed pages of our local newspaper, the Santa Fe new Mexican. Santa Fe additionally brought mine husband, Larry Ross, an art dealer, and our dog, Maisy, into my life. I always look forward to access time from my children and grandchildren, and also my St. Luigi friends.

picture courtesy that Karen Foss

Then • I worked for 33 year in neighborhood news start in 1970, with 5 years as an anchor and reporter at Channel 5 and 28 year at Channel 4. Ns did "At your Service" top top KMOX radio ~ above Sunday nights in the mid-"80s and wrote a weekly column around St. Louis history for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I"ve authored 7 books, traveled 3 times v Pope john Paul II, interviewed countless celebrities, and done one-on-one interviews with 6 incumbent U.S. Presidents and also Barack Obama prior to he took office. I additionally hosted the children’s attribute "Do The right Thing" for 10 years.

Now • ns am stunned, saddened and also a little baffled around how I must respond daily to this "Bubonic plague II," other than through contributing on regular basis to the St. Louis Area Foodbank. Ns had already pulled back my activities after 33 years in the media and also five years at SLU, and also I assumption: v I"ve become even an ext reclusive. I am currently researching the history of a nondescript downtown office structure that was created in 1882 as a cultural center because that the performing arts, color board art and also sculpture. The early art show was created of paintings and also sculpture native European arts meccas at an acquisition expense of what this day would it is in $775,000. Also, mine waistline would certainly bear witness to the truth that a serious hobby that mine is food preparation ... And also eating. A waist is a devastating thing come mind.

photos courtesy that Julius Hunter

Then • I came to KMOX-TV (now KMOV) in September 1970 straight from Mizzou"s journalism school. After 4 months as a writer and film editor i was advocated to on-air reporter in January 1971. Ns spent practically 19 year at Channel 4 reporting and anchoring. I served as political editor and also hosted the general public affairs display "Newsmakers." In July 1989, I moved to KTVI where I ongoing to cover politics until ns retired in ~ the finish of 2016. In ~ Channel 2, ns anchored weekend newscasts for simply over four years prior to returning to permanent reporting. In enhancement to politics, I spanned every flood since 1973, 11 presidential nominating conventions, both the Missouri and also Illinois governors and also legislatures, significant court cases, the pope"s visit, several civilization Series, lot of crime cases and also the Ferguson unrest.

Now • The 2016 election capped mine 46-year career together a broadcast reporter in St. Louis. I expected to absent back, relax and also read publications as a new retiree. Instead, in almost four years my husband and also I have downsized, renovated a condo, travel to visit family and also friends and also taken cruises come the Panama Canal and Alaska. We have actually welcomed 2 grandsons and enjoyed family time through our daughter and also son-in-law right here in town. My church neighborhood group and volunteer work help me continue to be connected. I’ve been helping an interesting young charity, the collective Thread, with grant writing. This nonprofit functions to recreation an industrial sewing labor force in St. Luigi by maintain immigrant and also underserved residents. This fall we obtained a significant grant from the state the Missouri to purchase advanced equipment to assist manufacture PPE (medical isolation gowns).

picture by St. Luigi Media History foundation and courtesy of Betsey Bruce

Then • I operated at KSDK as soon as it was known as Eyewitness News. I functioned there because that 27 years and saw too many of alters in the industry, native videotape recorders come digital capture. I saw KSDK in 1983 native KMOX radio, whereby I to be a reporter and producer. At KSDK i was one investigative reporter and specialized in stories about government malfeasance, like politicians stealing from your own project funds and police chiefs being drunk ~ above duty. I additionally went to regulation school while at Channel 5 and married then-Alderwoman Lyda Krewson, who ultimately was elected mayor. I left Channel 5 to exercise law, which ns did for a brief while.

Now • I"m greatly retired, other than for a summer project in Glacier national Park in Montana, wherein I journey a red bus and also give tourism of the million acres. It"s a dream task that requires patience come maneuver a long bus end a twisting mountain road. In fact, the twists and also turns room a lot favor navigating a television career.

image courtesy the Mike Owens

Then • before Channel 5, I worked as a reporter and fill-in morning anchor in ~ KTVI-TV (then ABC, currently Fox 2) native 1983 come 1993. I covered plenty of stories from St. Luigi neighborhoods, fires and also crime to politics, local and also national, however my beat to be education. Ns left KTVI to end up being the education reporter at KSDK, which ns did because that 20 years. One of the things I chosen most about the beat was the selection — every little thing from preschool come post-graduate transparent Missouri and Southern Illinois, publicly schools and private schools, infrastructure, enrollment, finances, governance, security, politics and also more.

Now • i retired indigenous Channel 5 in 2013 and embarked top top a freelance career, mostly with HEC-TV. I additionally did short on-air stints in ~ KTRS Radio and KWMU radio. Additionally, ns taught in ~ Lindenwood university in St. Charles and also led seminars at St. Louis ar College. I’ve also enjoyed traveling and visiting with family. I have had many proud moment in my career. This is one: ~ above July 10, 2013, then-Mayor Francis Slay proclaimed it “Sharon Stevens work in St. Louis.”

picture courtesy of Sharon Stevens

Then • I operated as an Emmy Award-winning tv news anchor and also reporter, for nearly 27 year at KSDK News. Ns was freshly inducted into the St. Luigi Media hall of Fame. Among my most memorable news story was a series on homeless people living top top the roadways in St. Louis. During my career, i reported from Oklahoma City top top the Oklahoma City battle case, report the devastation firsthand. Ns reported from brand-new Orleans after ~ Hurricane Katrina. I also had the respect doing a sit-down interview with former President Jimmy Carter, as well as reporting on plenty of presidential elections.

Now • ns left KSDK for a position in communications and marketing through Centene Corp., whereby I was an award-winning evil president. In addition, ns was honored come oversee the Centene charitable Foundation. I’m engaged to retired St. Louis homicide detective kris Pappas. We postponed ours wedding in 2020 as result of COVID-19, however we’re making our new wedding plans to marry in 2021.

image courtesy that Deanne roadway

Then • i am a St louis native and worked together news anchor and general assignment reporter at KSDK indigenous 2003 come 2011. Ns covered some of the greatest local and also national stories and also earned two Emmy Awards, crossing the off my bucket list. I was back in the media spotlight turn off camera once I remained in charge of public relationships for the city that Ferguson ~ the Mike Brown shooting death. Both positions in Ferguson and also KSDK to be the many demanding and, in ~ times, controversial together they were financially rewarding and life changing.

Now • these days I work as model, actor and also a brand ambassador on marketing projects with companies including Apple, Walmart, AT&T and also General Motors. I also work together a motivational speaker and also am outspoken around my battle with the disease of addiction. Mine most necessary work is additionally the most personal. Ns have become an significant voice on medicine addiction and also the opioid crisis. Ns share my trip of hitting rock bottom come redemption and also hope. I’ve been able to help thousands with my interviews ~ above podcasts, radio, television and also face-to-face. I am also a component of a local and also state response to the medicine overdose crisis.

image courtesy of Jeff tiny

Then • I invested 22 year at KSDK start in 1992. I aided to launch the award-winning I-Team unit and served as the chef investigative reporter and also news anchor. I functioned to expose federal government corruption and abuses that power. I covered history-making occasions from the good Flood that "93, to the Pope’s visit come Super bowl coverage and a variety of World Series, in enhancement to investigations varying from bullying to Coldwater Creek.

Now • I have actually led the Genome Partnership since December the 2014. TGP organizes three of the world"s preeminent conferences in genome biology and technology. The conferences host researchers, leaders and innovators so the they can share your latest explorations with partner and key decision makers. It was my phase 4 cancer diagnosis in 2010 that led to my extreme interest in genomics and targeted therapy. Because that the previous 11 years, I have actually volunteered with Pedal the Cause, a cycling event that has raised $30 million because that Washington University and also St. Luigi Children"s hospital, helping to fund new treatments and cures because that cancer.

photos courtesy the Leisa Zigman

Then • ns am a south St. Luigi native, and I operated as a general assignment reporter in ~ KMOV native 2013 come 2015. I covered the situation of terry Robinson, who accused St. Louis police the planting proof on him, and the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. My parents to be area police officers, so gift able to existing all perspectives of St. Louis was a organic fit because that me. Prior to leaving KMOV, i was called the finest TV reporter by the Riverfront Times and presented resolutions indigenous St. Louis and Missouri for excellence in reporting.

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Now • ns left St. Louis because that a main anchoring position in Mississippi’s resources city. Now, ns am ago in St. Louis through my 4-year-old son, Michael Jones III. I got in labor v him when anchoring the morning show at the CBS affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi. In 2018, ns filed an EEOC complaint about the means I to be treated together a young Black mom in the newsroom. The case is in federal court. I am at this time in the legit Studies routine at St. Louis neighborhood College. I am working with the St. Louis Publishers combination to develop my very own memoir around marriage, motherhood and also the quest of happiness.