Metro Police stated a guy was shot and also killed on Saturday morning in an evident case of roadway rage on Richards Road.

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Peggy Spann, that was standing by her husband’s side when a gunman opened fire inside Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in 2017, has died after a battle with COVID-19, the church announced ~ above its Facebook page on Saturday.


A member of the Tennessee national Guard arrested by subway Police top top Thursday to be responding come an erotic ad purported to be by a teen that was actually an undercover police officer, follow to a court affidavit obtained by News4.


Trevecca Nazarene University’s cross country team is scrambling for a means home after ~ its flight from Chicago to Nashville was canceled top top Saturday.


A Franklin ar deputy was hurt after being involved in a one-car crash at an early stage Sunday morning responding to a call, authorities said.

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Two guys fleeing from a auto crash to be struck and killed by one more vehicle on interstate 24 eastern near interstate 440 ~ above Saturday night, according to metro Police.

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