Suspect transforms gun on themselves after chase, Georgia State Patrol says

Georgia State Patrol claimed a murder doubt turned a total on themselves during a pursuit with troopers in Sandy Springs.

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October 19

Suspect in custody ~ leading officers on pursuit through san Fernando Valley

A doubt was taken into custody after leading LAPD policemans on a search through parts of the san Fernando Valley. 

October 15

Carjacking doubt in custody after leading police on chase across Los Angeles

A suspected carjacker is in custody after leading police top top a chase across Los Angeles Monday night.

October 12

Coweta deputy fires in ~ driver throughout high-speed chase; deadly use of force "justifiable", DA says

The Coweta county Sheriff’s Office released a video clip on Tuesday mirroring a dangerous high-speed chase involving a U-Haul truck in October 2020. Investigators stated a deputy was compelled to open fire on that driver after trying to ram several vehicles during the pursuit.

October 5

Video: Police chase suspect tries to fight off CHP policemans arresting him

Shocking aerial footage caught the moment a man tried to fight turn off CHP policemans trying come arrest him.

September 26

Sheriff exit dashcam video clip of high-speed chase v suspected medicine dealer

Butts County legislation enforcement has actually released the dashcam video clip of a high-speed follow investigators said involved a suspect drug dealer that concerned a crashing end.

September 23

Family desires answers ~ 12-year-old killed in vehicle being chased by GSP troopers

A Douglasville family members is plan a funeral for a 12-year-old because he died in a crash after ~ troopers perform a PIT maneuver that they claimed was necessary to prevent the automobile he was riding in indigenous speeding.

September 15

Louisiana father leader Coweta ar deputies top top high-speed chase with children in car

Bryan Andrew Hampton, 28, of Harvey, Louisiana, was booked into the Coweta ar jail on dues of speeding, felony fleeing, reckless driving, and also four counts the reckless conduct.

September 13

High-speed police chase in Roswell leads to fatal wreck, police say

Police found two human being in the car, a man and also woman, had been ejected. Both to be hospitalized with life-threatening injures. The man died from his injuries.

September 13

Alleged carjacker shot by police near Franklin Walmart ~ pursuit, crash

A man was shot and also killed by regulation enforcement ~ a series of occurrences in Franklin. Authorities stated the guy allegedly carjacked two vehicles, led police on a high-speed chase and kidnapped a person while armed.

September 3

Man that led police on follow in steal mortuary van turns self in

A Georgia male accused of stealing a mortuary van v a body inside from a crematory parking lot and leading police on a chase has turned self in to authorities.

respectable 26

Woman leader Coweta county deputies on pursuit on I-85

Aliyah Baldwin, 27, to be charged through theft through receiving stolen property, fleeing and attempting to elude police, and also driving there is no a license. Deputies stated she didn’t have a license to drive.

august 25

Suspect in custody after leading LAPD on chase in southern LA

A driver is in custody after top police top top a an extensive chase throughout South Los Angeles.

august 18

Wanted suspects command Coweta county deputies ~ above high-speed chase

Coweta ar deputies stated a man, wanted previously for fleeing from police and didn’t stop for police officers a 2nd time. Instead, deputies stated he led lock on a high-speed chase v speeds reaching more than 120 mph.

august 14

Police chase ends in rollover crash in Echo Park

A police chase ended in a rollover crash in Echo Park Thursday night.

august 5

GBI name armored truck robbery doubt arrested in flour Springs

The GBI said 28-year-old Glennis Harris native Vallejo, California, is accused the an armed robbery the a Brinks protection Guard top top Monday in Cherokee County and a Loomis defense guard in Atlanta on Sunday.

august 3

Driver in custody after top CHP police officers on high-speed pursuit on the 605, 210 Freeways

California Highway Patrol policemans detained a pursuit suspect Monday morning complying with a high-speed chase throughout the mountain Gabriel valley freeways.

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respectable 2

Pursuit doubt surrenders come CHP police officers in Downey neighborhood

A guy was taken right into custody in Downey after ~ leading police officers on a follow in mountain Bernardino and also Los Angeles counties.

July 23