LAS las vegas (FOX5) -- las Vegas Fire and Rescue investigated a three-alarm fire early Thursday morning at Arthur McCants Manor, a an elderly housing facility located on Eastern and also Washington.

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LAS vegas (FOX5) -- Parents are doing everything feasible to store trick-or-treaters safe ahead that Halloween weekend.

LAS las vegas (FOX5) – Clark County school District plank of Trustees president Linda Cavazos referred to as a news conference Wednesday to address claims the she conspired with school principals come oust district Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara.


LAS vegas (FOX5) -- when the Atlanta Braves space making their World series run matches the Houston Astros, a pitcher in the Braves" minor organization system is preparing because that his contact to the majors.


LAS vegas (FOX5) -- las Vegas police arrested a mrs in a 21-year-old"s overdose death in March, according to court records.


LAS las vegas (FOX5) -- A propose zone adjust to enable an just arrive distribution facility has some southwest valley citizens voicing concerns.

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