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KSDK (Channel 5) morning and weekend anchor/reporter Jenn Sullivan has actually parted methods with the station. 

Sullivan pertained to KSDK in January 2018 after working on-air in Springfield, Illinois, and also Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For a short time prior to she left, Sullivan was co-anchoring the morning show on weekends with Kelly Jackson

This latest relocate comes on the heels of news that investigative reporter Jacob Long ankled the station last week.

Sullivan came to be expendable when KSDK hired Savannah Louie in beforehand September and installed she in Sullivan"s chair together the 4 a.m. Anchor that the morning show, "Today in St. Louis."

Louie joined five other on-air hires the KSDK has actually made because April: reporters Courtney Budelman, Justina Coronel and Sara Machi; reporter/anchor Morgan Young; and also meteorologist Tracy Hinson.

Also hired in September to be news director Carol Fowler, many recently that the Chicago Sun-Times. She changed Tiffani Lupenski.

On the upper and lower reversal side, Sullivan and also Long join at the very least seven others who have actually left the KSDK building in the last seven months: command meteorologist Craig Moeller and fellow cloudwatcher Jessica Quick; reporters Rico BushBrittney Verner and Rachel Menitoff; sports reporter Josh Hellmuth; and also anchor Christina Coleman.

Also, meteorologist Chester Lampkin will be leaving prior to the finish of the year to take a comparable job at a Washington D.C. Station.

Long is supposed to take it a place with St. Louis market Lyda Krewson, most likely as her press spokesman — despite neither next is talking about it in ~ this time. The media-wrangler job opened up critical week when Koran Addo left for a project with the university of Chicago.

Jenn Sullivan join KSDK (Channel 5) as a reporter in January 2018 after ~ having functioned in Springfield, Ill., Wisconsin and also Chicago. 

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