RAISED BY medical MARIJUANA SALES. OMMA SAYS an ext THAN 370,000 OKLAHOMANS have actually EITHER A patient OR CAREGIVER LICENSE. Teachers HAVE had TO NAVIGATE some CHOPPY WATERS throughout THIS PANDEMIC. IT’S specifically A an obstacle FOR KINDERGARDEN teacher WHO room HELPING youngsters WHO room JUST beginning THEIR educational CAREERS. Authorized ME now KELCIE BURKS, she’s A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER A REAGAN ELEMENTARY. An excellent MORNING to YOU. >> good MORNING. JASON: WHAT has actually TEACHING throughout A PANDEMIC BEEN like FOR YOU? >> having TO undertake A MASK space A confront SHIELD, since OF THE beforehand LEARNING THEY have to SEE her MOUTH and also PERFORM THE LETTERS. THE BIGGEST difficulty IS wearing A MAS however FOR THE YOUNGER CHILDREN, THEY room DOI fine WEARING THEM. Likewise WE have actually SMALLER CLA size . Us USUALLY start OUT through 18 to 20 KIDS. I began THIS YEAR OUT with 10 KIDS. Ns AM as much as 17. Course SIZES and also THE MASKS space THE BIGGEST distinction RIGHT now FOR TEACHING. JASO AS much AS THE PANDEMIC, WHAT ARE few of THE UNIQUE obstacles THAT COME with TEACHING KINDERGARTEN COMPAR come THE larger KIDS? >> THE YOUNGER STUDENTS, we JOKE that THERE IS NO SUCH thing AS social DISTANCING PAIR they DISLIKE come BE v EACH OTHER and also IT IS just how THEY LEARN and also GROW. A an obstacle WE HAVE had actually WITH THE YOUNGER ones IS REMEMBER we CAN’T SHARE our GRANTS and also WE have to HAVE OUR very own SUPPLY BOX. Lock CAN’T constantly BE RIGHT next to EACH OTHER how THEY WOULD favor TO HEAR with THE older GRADES, I described TO lock BETTER. THE YOUNGER ONES, THEY’RE always RIGHT beside EACH OTHER. JASO I have the right to UNDERSTAND THAT. YOU are IN course RIGHT NOW. WHAT are YOU functioning ON TODAY? >> RIGHT currently WE space AT top CENTERS. Friend MAY be able to HEAR them THE BACKGROUND, even THOUGH THEY are DOING WELL. Us ARE finding out OUR ALPHABET, us ARE finding out THE letter J A Q, and also THAT IS WHAT WE space WORKING ON. ANOTHER difficulty IS YOU need to SEPARATE THE TABLES MOR with COVID. SO currently I can NOT HAVE five TO A TABLE yet IT might BE two OR 32 TABLE. -- two OR three TO A TABLE. THIS course HAS had SO MANY challenges FROM last YEAR MISSING component OF SCHOOL and also COMING THI YEAR, THEY increase TO THE challenge BUT us HAVE had actually TO TEACH THEM. JASO WE evaluate YOU offering US insight INTO WHAT IS walk ON IN your CLASSROOM. I want TO TALK about ONE various other THING, sort OF A SURPRISE, YOU space OUR FEBRUARY TEACHER the THE MONTH CONGRATULATIONS. >> thank YOU. give thanks to YOU for this reason MUCH. I appreciate THAT. JASO ns HEAR your CLASSROOM walking WILD. I want TO review WHAT THE human WHO NOMINATED girlfriend SAID. HER surname IS TARA. SHE stated MY SON, ANDREW, observed THE , advertisement FOR TEACHER that THE MONTH and SAID HE wanted TO NOMINATE HIS TEACHER, MS. BURKS because SHE IS THE best TEACHER ever before WHAT space YOUR think ON THAT? >> I have THE GREATEST class EVER. THEY space S SWEET. THEY have DONE SO fine THIS YEAR. THEY’RE going TO do ME CRY. I COULDN’T ASK because that A much better CLASS THIS YEAR. Ns SPEECHLESS. Ns CAN’T think THIS. JASO we DON’T desire YOU to CRY. But WE LOVE see THE EMOTION. SHE give up TO have THEM TAKE house THINGS castle MADE and also SHE delivered THEM. SHE said YOU often GO over AND beyond OUTSIDE O THE CLASSROOM and also THAT IS WHY YOU space SO DESERVING. JASON: WHAT renders YOU GO above AND BEYOND? >> IT was OUR las DAY before WINTER BREAK and also WAS do the efforts TO obtain THEM DONE. And AT THE end OF THE DAY, IT was A WILD DAY and also I witnessed THEM, and TEACHER FAIL. SO i SAID, ns AM SORRY, these LET ME do THAT. Ns WOULD do THAT IF I have actually A college student IN QUARANTINE. I’VE had actually SOME QUARANTINE in ~ THE beginning OF THE college YEAR and I have ONE QUARANTINE NOW and I DON’T desire THEM to MIS out OR feel LEFT OUT and I will certainly MAKE A PACKET and also DELIVER IT come THE HOUSE. I simply WANT to MAKE certain WHEN has THE same EXPERIENCE and OPPORTUNITY. JASON: YOU space AN amazing TEACHER that DESERVES amazing RECOGNITION and AN impressive GIFT. The IS WHY WE have actually THIS $1000 inspect FOR YOU. $1000 FOR her CLASSROOM and also STUDENTS. WHAT carry out YOU THINK YOU deserve to USE THIS FOR? >> ns THINK WE space GOING to GET much more FINE motor SKILL tasks THAT THEY have the right to USE an ext STUFF FOR. MAYBE much more THINGS favor PLATO where THEY have the right to PRACTICE rolling TH ABCS - play DOUGH wherein THEY deserve to PRACTICE ROLLING the end THERE ABCS. Maybe I will certainly ASK THEM.

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JASON: give thanks to YOU SO much FOR EVERY thing YOU have DONE throughout THE PANDEMIC TO education OUR KIDS. THE MONEY IS on ITS WAY.