WKBW-TV has actually named a replacement to anchor the shifts that had actually been filled by Keith Radford and Madison Carter.

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Pheben (pronounced Feb-in) Kassahun, who many recently worked as an night anchor and multimedia journalist at WJHL in Johnson City, Tenn., begins working Monday in ~ Eyewitness News. Her sign-off together a WJHL anchor on April 13 have the right to be regarded online.

A native of Dallas and also a 2015 graduate that the college of Arkansas, Kassahun is supposed to make her on-air debut as shortly as she becomes acclimated.

She will come to be the noon anchor, a position formerly held by Carter, and also will anchor one of the two newscasts in the 5 p.m. With 6 p.m. Time period, fulfilling one of Radford’s roles.

Carter, who had actually been a reporter and the noon anchor, left in April because that a terminal in Atlanta. Radford, who had anchored the 5:30 p.m. Newscast solo and also co-anchored the 6 p.m. Newscast through Ashley Rowe together a part-timer, retired last month.

With Rowe supposed to be on maternity leaving in September, Kassahun’s role could expand throughout Rowe’s absence.

The relocate to the Buffalo market, No. 53 in the country, is a big step up for Kassahun, since Johnson City is component of a Tri Cities sector that is No. 100 in the country.

Before working at the Tennessee station, Kassahun was a reporter in Abilene, Texas, and a reporter producer in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

In an email to the staff, exhilaration news manager Aaron Mason created that “her story is an inspiring one … She is the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants and the first in her immediate family members to graduate indigenous college. She is expert in Tigrinya and is at this time teaching it s her Amharic.”

Mason added in the email that Kassahun will add to the gas in-depth and day-to-day reporting in between.



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