News anchors indigenous Dayton’s television stations eventually disappear right into retirement. Some may be gone, however are absolutely not forgotten.

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They were regular guests at dinner for many of us and also often the last encounters we saw prior to going come sleep at night. After years of having actually a daily presence in ours lives, keeping us informed of every the significant happenings both locally and abroad, the news anchors from Dayton’s tv stations eventually disappear right into retirement. Some might be gone, yet are absolutely not forgotten.

Known together the Walter Cronkite that Dayton, Don Wayne was highly trusted throughout the Miami Valley during his career of 47 years. After very first starting on WHIO radio, Wayne then offered as the cook anchor top top Channel 7 until his retirement in 1988. He’s the very first news anchor that i remember and noted a true instance of professionalism. My attention in the news throughout most that his tenure was minimal, but I remember the I provided to ~ pretend to be him by saying, “and I’m Don Wayne.” the left that lot of one impression. Wayne died of cancer in 1997 in ~ the period of 75.


After the “Price Is Right,” and also before “The Young and the Restless,” Channel 7 news would certainly be ~ above (some things never change), which is exactly how I gained to understand Ed Krahling. A rather typical man, Krahling looked like an uncle come me. He was a fixture ~ above the network, paired v Don Wayne, and had a 44 year career prior to retiring in 1993. Krahling passed away in 1998.

Every news cast needs a weather man, and many forecast on 7 were provided by Ted Ryan. Ryan seemed to it is in really large (tall) and also have a distinct deep prefer voice. He constantly had a smile on his face, even when predicting snow. Ryan was an extremely versatile as he likewise co-hosted the yearly Children’s miracle Network telethon and also travel reports.

Speaking of meteorologists, a real storm damaged out in the career of Bruce Asbury, that was through Channel 7 in the 80’s till a huge drug scandal broke. He was swept away, and also is reportedly still working in an additional state. Despite his predictions of the weather weren’t always right, Asbury was famous with the audience.

Another anchor that made the news quite than report the is Sylivia Newsome, Channel 7, that reportedly had actually an affair with a married man and became pregnant by him. Also though the infant bump might be hidden behind the desk, Newsome to be relieved of her duties.


The only crime that Donna Jordan ever committed is that she broke my heart. Jordan functioned for both Channel 2 and 7 prior to retiring in 2006, and kept me interested in the news because of her an excellent looks.

I must likewise make point out of the “Dean” Omar Williams Channel 2 sporting activities anchor because that 45 years (1951-96). Still not long sufficient to view the Bengals win a Super key though. Williams passed away in 2008 in ~ the age of 83.

You might not have known the actress Tracie Savage, best known because that her function in the movie “Friday the 13th component 3” to be on Channel 7 from 1986 to 1991. She ended her acting career to become a news reporter and Dayton was her an initial job. Savage was additionally a witness in the O.J Simpson trial.

The organize of “Big Brother” and also a panelist ~ above “The Talk,” Julie Chen to be an anchor ~ above Channel 2 native 1995 come 1997. In a rather controversial decision, during her time in Dayton, Chen had actually plastic surgery on her eyes to make them look much less Chinese.

These are simply some of the anchors who have roots in the rich background of Dayton’s televised newscasts. That are several of your favorite previous anchors?

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