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Alex Backus is one American journalist at this time working at 8 News Now, KLAS-TV in las Vegas, Nevada together a news anchor. She join the station in august 2019 and co-anchors weekday morning display from 4-7 a.m on CBS affiliate.

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Previously, Alex operated at KGPE-TV in Fresno, California as a morning anchor and reporter for 4 years. Prior to that, she additionally worked because that KHSL-TV in Chico-Redding California together a morning reporter. At one point, she interned through KCRA 3 in Sacramento, California because that a duration of 9 months.

Alex Backus Age

From ours research, Alex was born in Turlock, California, in the joined States. She might be around 31 year old. However, she has not disclosed any type of information concerning her date and also year the birth for this reason we do not recognize when she celebrates her birthday.

Alex Backus Height

She is a mrs of above-average stature. Alex stands in ~ a elevation of 5ft 6 in (Approx 1.68 m).

Alex’s Photo

Alex Backus Family

She was born to she parents in Turlock, California. However, Alex has actually not common information concerning her parents and also siblings v the basic public. However, us will upgrade this as soon as we have valid information worrying her family.

Alex Backus Husband | Boyfriend.

She is right now dating her long-time friend Joe Moeller. The two have actually been dating for more than 6 years. Joe is also an American journalist functioning at 8 News now as a reporter. However, over there is no available information on whether Alex is involved to her friend or not.

Alex Backus Education

She attend California State University, Stanislaus whereby she i graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2012 v a Bachelor of Arts level in interaction Studies and also Public relationships with a boy in Journalism.

Alex Backus Dog

As checked out from many of she photos and Facebook videos, Alex has actually a German Shephard dog called Bodie. Whenever she’s free, she likes playing v her pet dog.

Alex’s Dog’s Photo

Alex Backus 1995

Alex shared her struggle with Celiac Disease, one immune reaction causes by eat gluten, a protein discovered in rye, wheat, and barley. The symptoms may occur in the digestive system or any kind of other part of the body. One might have abdominal pain and diarrhea while one more may it is in depressed or irritable. Others have actually no symptoms. It is thought that 90% space undiagnosed while much more than 3 million Americans are suffering native Celiac disease.

Alex Backus 8 News currently | las Vegas | Reporter

She has been functioning as a News anchor because that 8 News Now due to the fact that joining in respectable 2019. Before joining KLAS-TV, Alex worked at KGPE-TV in Fresno, California together an anchor and also reporter for a duration of four years. If there, she additionally served as a producer, morning anchor, and also fill-in weather anchor. Prior to that, she worked vat vKHSL-TV in Chico-Redding California together a morning reporter. Alex additionally served together a West coast Ambassador because that Dr. Schar for practically 2 years.

Prior come that, she worked at KRTV in good Falls, Montana as an anchor, producer, and reporter. She likewise worked because that Two guys Catering where she spent three year serving together an Assistant occasion Coordinator. Previously, Alex operated at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, California as an anchor, Producer, and News Editor. In addition, she served as a reporter for Turlock City News and also was also a news intern at KCRA 3 in Sacramento because that a period of 9 months.

Alex has gone to the forefront of significant wildfires, reported on agriculture matters affecting California’s central Valley in a weekly series, and additionally covered elections. In addition, she likewise co-hosted the miss out on California Pageant in the years 2017 and 2018 which aired everywhere California. As well as that, she loves mentoring youth and is also a huge sister in the large Brothers huge Sisters organization. Once she is no busy working, girlfriend can find her hiking, at the beach, to run after her German Shepherd named Bodie, or trying new restaurants.

Some that Alex’s partner at 8 News now include:

Kelly Curran – Meteorologist

Roqui Theus – Reporter & Host

Sasha Loftis – Anchor & Reporter

Jim Synder – Anchor

Feven Kay – Anchor & Reporter

Cassandra Jones – Meteorologist

Alex Backus Salary

She receives rather a generous amount from functioning as an anchor for 8 News Now. Alex’s average salary is $112,519 annually.

Alex Backus network Worth

Having operated in the media industry for quite some time, Alex has controlled to certain a decent fortune. Her network worth is $1 million.

Is Alex Backus Married

At the moment, she is dating her other colleague that is additionally her longtime boyfriend named Joe Moeller. However, there is no accessible information in regards come Alex being married or engaged.

How Old Is Alex Backus

According come our research, Alex was born in Turlock, California, in the USA. She might be approximately 31 years old. However, she has actually not revealed details about her date and also year that birth therefore we can’t tell her exact age or as soon as she celebrates her birthday.

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Where Is Alex Backus Now

She joined an excellent Day on 8 News Now, KLAS-TV, in respectable 2019 serving together a news anchor. Prior to that, Alex worked at KGPE-TV in Fresno, California together an Anchor and Reporter.