It"s tough to believe it"s to be 11 years due to the fact that Jenna Dewan Tatum and also Channing Tatum fell in love top top the collection of their hit run film, step Up, leading to one that Hollywood"s many adorable marriages.

However, when in a while the pair like to give the human being a reminder of just how cute they were in the at an early stage days of their courtship.

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Yesterday, Jenna shared a video of she audition tape for Step Up, which likewise featured the moment the pair an initial acted opposite each other.

In the clip, the 37-year-old revealed she was sent out the audition tape ahead of the premiere that the couple"s new YouTube Red collection Step Up: High Water, which lock co-produced.

"It"s really cute, and likewise embarrassing, and also crazy however of food I desire to share the with all of you.

"Please watch how numerous times ns giggle and also laugh, it"s really cute," she said.

From watching simply a couple of minutes of the clip, it"s clear to view the chemistry between the pair was palpable.

At one point, Dewan Tatum places her eight on Tatum"s shoulder which triggered him to hold her in his arms.

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"It"s no a picture, friend guys! It"s a relocating camera!" who in the background can be heard telling the 2 stars.

"We"re posing choose it"s prom!" Dewan Tatum laughs.

When the two begin to salsa dance, the professionally-trained dancer compliments the Magic Mike star top top his dance moves.

"Oh, protect against it best now. You said, "I don"t know just how to dance!" the was in reality pretty good!"

Discussing the clip, the actress says: "It"s very sentimental and also amazing for me to watch, and I hope you all reap it."

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Jenna and also Channing married in 2008 and share a four-year-old daughter, Everly, together.

Of course, this isn"t the first time the pair have shown off their dancing credentials to your fans.

In 2016, the pair appeared on Lip Sync Battle and also Jenna recreated Channing"s Magic Mike performance of Ginuwine"s "Pony". At the same time the actor come out through Beyoncé"s hit single "Run The World" (and the singer herself).

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In one interview v Redbook last year, Jenna opened up up the end her marital relationship to she actor husband.

"You change when you"re together from 25 to 35. Ns think maybe in my early on 20s, I could have tiptoed about issues or didn"t desire to do too plenty of waves," Jenna said.

"Now it"s like, "This is exactly how I"m feeling." You have to be okay through the various other person becoming defensive, come let them it is in emotional and accept that it won"t be it s okay for a while."

Relationship class noted, Jenna.


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