Channing Tatum and his ex-wife Jenna Dewan to be one of Hollywood’s favorite couples because that a quick spell. The gibbs and achieved dancers met ~ above the set of a movie and eventually obtained married. However, if the couple eventually acquired a divorce, Tatum never ever shied away from share their many private details. Speaking about their sex life, he once credited Dewan’s athleticism with maintaining things fresh. 


Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Channing Tatum’s career

According to IMDb, Tatum gained his start as a dancer. He appeared in several music videos, like Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” before trying his hand at acting. He secured little parts in CSI: Miami and several advertising before Coach Carter gave him some exposure come success. However, after Step Up was a surprised hit in 2006, Tatum and Dewan officially broke out. Tatum gained his begin in several functions that denote his dancing an abilities and model looks, yet as his job fleshed out, he confirmed that he can be a true actor, too.

From the 21 run Street series to the Oscar-nominated Foxcatcher, Tatum make a surname for himself beyond his looks and also moves. Still, with films like Magic Mikehe verified that he could use his sex appeal and also talent in the exact same package. The was among his greatest hits come date. Never one to shy away from his sexuality, Tatum opened up around how he and also Dewan kept things heated v Cosmopolitan.

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A enhance made in heaven

In a book report on by Fox News, Dewan opened up up about the pair’s relationship and also eventual breakup. Follow to Dewan, the team hit it turn off while filming Step Up. Both young actors that were trying to make it come the big leagues, the pair developed a partnership that lasted plenty of years. Follow to Tatum, the trick to be learning how to you re welcome one an additional not simply out in public however in their many private moments too. 

During a Cosmopolitan discussion on Facebook around their relationship, Tatum asserted that Dewan was great lover that did not need him come do much of anything. “I simply lay over there … She’s really athletic. We obtain down. We have a an excellent sex life. Us communicate very well.” candid moments prefer this had numerous figuring the the couple was bound for longevity. Unfortunately, favor so numerous other celebrity romances prior to it, the pair referred to as it quits number of years later. However, that doesn’t median that it was an ugly divorce, either. 

Falling come earth

After years as one of Hollywood’s many beloved couples, Tatum and Dewan referred to as it quits. If rumors swirled the infidelity, hard times, and other salacious details, Dewan and also Tatum gift it as a mutual decision rooted in love and friendship.

“We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple,” lock said. “We dropped deeply in love so plenty of years earlier and have had a magical journey together … There room no keys nor salacious occasions at the source of our decision—just 2 best-friends establish it’s time to take some space and assist each various other live the many joyous, fulfilled resides as possible. We space still a family and also will always be loving committed parents come Everly,” the pair composed in a statement published by Elle.

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While lock were no as candid v their breakup together they were through the relationship, they showed up to store the an excellent vibes roll in the aftermath. Once Dewan announced her engagement come Steve Kazee, Tatum continued to be silent. However, Tatum, whomoved on to popular music star Jessie J,was reportedly happy for his ex.

Hollywood relationships are well known for their quick shelf life. However, if Tatum and Dewan were another casualty of this trend, the pair had a seemingly healthy relationship while the lasted. Sometimes, divorce isn’t an ugly separation, however a gesture wherein two civilization with mutual respect realize the they are better apart. Tatum and also Dewan might have had a healthy relationship at one point. Still, they show up to be doing simply fine away from every other.