Jenna Dewan gave pan a emergence at the minute she began falling because that Channing Tatum just 2 months before announcing your split

Just 2 months prior to Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced castle have separation after almost nine years of marriage, Dewan offered fans a peek at the minute she began to autumn for the Magic Mike star.

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Back in February, the World of Dance host, 37, common a video of she audition for the Step Up alongside Tatum, also 37. The two would eventually go on to star in the run romance, which come out in 2006 and also spawned four sequels. In the original, Tatum plays a disadvantaged teen who profit admittance to a performing arts college where he falls for Dewan’s feisty modern dancer.

Dewan and also Tatum married 3 years later in 2009 and also welcomed 4-year-old daughter Everly in 2013 prior to announcing your separation on Monday.

“We have lovingly favored to different as a couple. We fell deeply in love so countless years ago and have had actually a magical journey together,” the share statement read. “Absolutely nothing has actually changed around how lot we love one another, however love is a beautiful adventure the is taking united state on various paths because that now.”

“It’s really cute, and additionally embarrassing, and also crazy however of food I want to share the with every one of you. Please watch how many times ns giggle and also laugh, it’s really cute,” Dewan recalls in the video while reflecting clips the the two meeting.



The chemistry between the pair is immediately noticeable in the audition tape. In ~ one point, Dewan place her eight on Tatum’s shoulder i m sorry prompts him to encircle she in his arms. The two can’t prevent dancing and giggling either.

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“It’s not a picture, friend guys! It’s a relocating camera!” who in the elevator is heard saying to the pair in the video. “We’re posing like it’s prom!” Dewan says, laughing.

Commenting on the video, Dewan said, “It’s really sentimental and also amazing for me to watch, and also I hope you all reap it.”

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