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90 work Fiancé couple Chantel and also Pedro are earlier for an all-new season of The family Chantel. In this exclusive first look in ~ the premiere the the second season the the 90 work Fiancé spinoff featuring the pair and also their intense family drama, 29-year-old Chantel and also 28-year-old Pedro are still plainly not seeing eye come eye as soon as it concerns their particular families.

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Chantel and Pedro are one of the many memorable couples in the show"s history, which documented the two falling in love after they met throughout a trip Chantel took to the Dominican Republic. Still, there were plenty of problems the couple had to work through, including explosive fights v not just one another, but between their families. The two eventually married and now live in Atlanta, Georgia, however are quiet working with their issues.

In this exclude, preview, Chantel states she and Pedro are now trying to focus on your day-to-day lives rather of acquiring swept up in family drama. Chantel is likewise focused top top finishing education school and passing she exams, through graduation only a few weeks away.

"This is a brand-new chapter in ours lives," Chantel states with a large smile.

As because that Pedro, he as well is looking front to the services of Chantel finishing school.

"We have the right to buy a house," he says. "I desire to begin school. I don"t want all my life occupational in the warehouse. It"s choose a huge dream. American dream."

"Pinky, in America, you should thinkbig!" he also tells Chantel, calling her by his nickname because that her.

But Chantel quickly shuts under his line of thinking, taking a dig at his household in the Dominican Republic.

"Tell your family that they need to think small because they"re on a tiny island," she tells him, as Pedro provides her a priceless facial reaction in return. "So protect against asking for money, for this reason we have the right to live big."

But aside from Chantel and also Pedro"s connection issues, on this season of The household Chantel, an ext explosive drama is coming many thanks to she older brother, Royal, falling because that a woman called Angenette from the Philippines, whom he met online and quickly married in ~ a courthouse. Return Chantel herself married a guy from an additional country, she"s not having it when it involves Angenette, doubting her intentions when it pertains to her brother. Still, Royal and Angenette are planning to have actually a 2nd wedding in her town back home, which takes the totality family on an intense trip to the Philippines.

As because that Pedro’s family members drama in the Dominican Republic, his sister, Nicole, is smitten v a guy who resides in new York, called Alejandro. However Alejandro has actually a troubling secret she"s hiding from Pedro and their mother, Lidia.Season 2 the The household Chantel premieres Monday, Oct. 12 in ~ 9 p.m. ET/PT top top TLC.

ET spoke withChantel and Pedro in April, and also they talked around still working through continuous trust issues between them. During a memorable episode of 90 day Fiancé: Happily ever After?, Pedro acquired a lap run in the Dominican Republic as his family members cheered on, which the couple told ET she slapped him for after she found out.

"Yeah, i trust Pedro. I trust him, the only problem that"s ever before been in between Pedro and I in regards come trust has actually happened, like, as soon as you to be in the Dominican Republic, like, approximately your family," Chantel said. "I trust Pedro, I simply don"t to trust people approximately him and that he"s strong enough to put his foot under for me."

They also shared that they"re no planning to have actually children before they"re able to work-related out every the drama in between their families.

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"There certainly needs to be more work between me and Pedro"s family, him and also my family, before we would certainly feel comfortable with even letting our kid be the end of our existence with that household member, honestly," she explained. "For our household to it is in in a much better place, we require to have conversations with one another, involved agreements, friend know, mend fences in a way. There needs to be some apologies and I feel favor we can"t it is in civil with one another. We are not civil v one another, honestly. And I"m just waiting for the day when we deserve to have just some typical ground."

Watch the video clip below because that more.

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