Dave take away a reality look at "The Matrix" and "Pretty Woman," the Wu-Tang Clan opens a jae won consulting firm, and also Paul Mooney answers an odd question from Stephen King.

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Dave imagines reality versions the "Ghost" and also "Half Baked," a news team reports on racialism Hollywood animals, and also loved ones stage an treatment for Tyrone Biggums.

Dave take away Japan by storm in the sci-fi adventure "Blackzilla," "America Undercover" gets an within look at the Playa Haters" Ball, and also The root perform.

Paul Mooney answers concerns from people on the street, a pair of pair of shoes ignites one of America"s long-forgotten wars, Dave reimagines "Deep Impact," and also GZA performs.

Technical challenges inadvertently beginning Fisticuff"s laboratory career, Dave finds himself in a ruthless video game battle with one ill child, and De La soul performs.

Dave bring street basketball moves to other sports, families take part in "Trading Spouses," and also Blackstar performs.
Dave debuts Samuel L. Jackson"s beer, improves boring instances with slow motion and also reveals significant upsets in "The gyeongju Draft."
Calvin discovers the realities of functioning in a fast-food restaurant, the mystic Negrodamus answers life"s best mysteries, Dave introduces black color Gallagher, and DMX performs.
Dave joins man Mayer to test a theory that white human being can"t resist guitar riffs, climate looks at exactly how he"s adjusted through the years.
Charlie Murphy tells the story that his feud with habitual line-stepper rick James, and also Ludacris performs.
Negrodamus discover the answers to life"s good mysteries, Charlie Murphy tells the story of walking toe-to-toe v Prince in a basketball game, and also CeeLo performs.
Paul Mooney breaks under "Gone with the Wind," "Barbershop" and "The last Samurai," the Marcy tasks hosts a dice shoot contest, and also Kanye West and Common perform.
Dave exam game present contestants top top their knowledge of African-American culture, and also Erykah Badu performs.
Dave obtain life-changing news native Oprah and imagines being a juror on high-profile court cases. Wyclef Jean performs.
Reality display contestants obtain sent on stunner errands around new York, Dave and also Q-Tip offer youngsters life lessons through the help of puppets, and Snoop Dogg performs.
Dave looks earlier on unaired sketches, including Nelson Mandela"s boots camp because that troubled teens and also time-traveling player haters. Kanye West, Mos Def and also Freeway perform.
Tyrone Biggums competes ~ above "Fear Factor," and a night out v Wayne Brady turns devastating for Dave.
Dave dram Lil Jon receiving shocking news native Oprah and also President Black shrub making his instance for war v Iraq. Big Boi performs.

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