How carry out you charge iPhone 7 and also listen come music in ~ the very same time? If you’re using Lightning headphones, like the brand-new EarPods that Apple majority in package with iphone phone 7, Belkin’s brand-new Lightning Audio + fee RockStar adapter is currently the only option. The agency sent one over this main for united state to test…

With iphone phone 7, apologize is transitioning individuals to Lightning and also wireless headphone options. If friend haven’t do the move to wireless (we encourage our peak picks), or you’re maybe holding out for Apple’s new truly wireless AirPods coming out later on this month, you’ll either have to use the Lightning EarPods that come through iPhone 7 (or third-party Lightning headphones), or use your old 3.5mm headphones through the included Lightning adapter.

If the is the case, Belkin’s brand-new adapter will split your iPhone’s Lightning port right into two, enabling you to proceed listening with your Lightning headphones if charging your iPhone simultaneously. 

The adapter will certainly look very similar to everyone that has owned Apple’s various Mini DisplayPort/HDMI/VGA and USB-C adapters, with a short 2.5-inch cable connecting the Lightning connector come the two Lightning inputs on the various other end. It’s additionally of similar quality, v a fairly sturdy but stiff cable that, like many cables, can get damaged end time and repeated bending.

The Lightning inputs, either as soon as connecting Apple’s Lightning EarPods or the Lightning come 3.5mm adapter for use through old headphones, host the Lightning connector snuggly without hazard of it inadvertently coming to be disconnected. And the physical media controls for volume and also controlling call on her Lightning headphones continue to work. 

Audio quality |

In mine tests, the Belkin adapter no noticeably readjust the audio quality of Apple’s Lightning EarPods versus going straight into the iPhone. There was the weird occasion as soon as going from one Lightning harbor on the adapter come the other led to audio to stop working till I unplugged and reconnected the headphones a 2nd time, however that shouldn’t be something girlfriend run right into in the real civilization much. 



You can conversely use the adapter with a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter, choose the one the Apple contains in the box with iphone 7 (pictured above). That will permit you to fee your iphone 7 using one of the Lightning inputs, and also use her old 3.5mm headphones through the other adapter into the various other input. Prefer in our first test, utilizing the secondary adapter through a pair that Apple’s 3.5mm EarPods doesn’t seem to noticeably change audio quality much contrasted to going direct into the iphone 7 through the Lightning come 3.5mm adapter by itself.

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The company says the adapter will likewise work if you’re plugging it into the Lightning port on Apple’s iphone phone 7 smart Battery Case.

What it no do?

Split audio. Girlfriend can’t use both the the Lightning inputs because that audio in ~ the same time. If friend plug two sets the Lightning headphones in, or 3.5mm headphones making use of a second adapter, audio will only play the end of one side. Yet you can use one of two people side for charging or listening. The would have been quite if this product could have doubled together an audio splitter because that Lightning headphones, together that’s other that’s no currently available like it is for our old 3.5mm headphones.

Should friend buy it?

Currently the only alternative to this product is a charging dock through audio out. Apple’s new Lightning dock, because that example, will certainly let you charge your iphone 7 and also give you 3.5mm headphone jack because that audio out, but that doesn’t assist much if you desire to use the Lightning headphones, favor those that come with your iphone 7, while additionally charging her device.

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Over there isn’t yet an adapter that lets you go from Lightning ago to 3.5mm, something many MacBook and also dock users have actually noticed after being unable to use their new Lightning EarPods with those devices.

You can buy the Belkin Lightning Audio + fee RockStar adapter quickly for $39 indigenous Belkin and Apple.