The rumours were true: the iphone phone 7 and also iPhone 7 add to don’t have actually a 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple has Lightning headphones in the box, but how room you walking to listen to your music and charge her phone in ~ the very same time with just one port to use? We’ve obtained the prize – take a look!

Updated February 2017

1. Pick up a 3.5mm / Lightning double adapter


Right now, the simplest method is to get a dual adapter, transforming the single Lightning port of the iphone 7 and also 7 Plus into two ports: 3.5mm for listening to music and Lightning because that charging.

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The adapter fits easily in a pocket, and also includes an in-line remote for adjusting the volume, skipping songs or activating Siri — i beg your pardon is an excellent if the headphones you’d like to usage don’t have actually an iOS-elafilador.netmpatible far themselves.

The adapter supports approximately 48Hz 24-bit lossless audio too, so you won’t it is in sacrificing any audio top quality here. The adapter is produced iPhone certified together well, meaning it follows Apple’s strictly guidelines and also will work perfectly v your iPhone. Awesome!

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2. Use a 3.5mm / Lightning case


The OX instance from Incipio includes its own integrated adapter, enabling you to affix 3.5mm headphones and also Lightning charging cables directly to the case itself. This is just one of the simplest means to include a 3.5mm harbor to her iPhone, without needing elafilador.netme carry roughly a different adapter!

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3. Usage an iphone phone 7 dock


Apple’s official Lightning Dock is among the easiest ways to listen to your music if charging her phone, e.g. At her desk. Plonk your iPhone on the Lightning elafilador.netnnector, then plug in headphones and a Lightning charger on the earlier — simple. A side advantage is that you deserve to pick up your iPhone to take it a call, without unplugging and replugging her headphones.

Take a look at this in activity in the video clip embedded below!

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4. Use a Lightning splitter


Here’s one answer from Belkin: the Lightning Audio + charge RockStar. This simple adapter plugs into your iPhone’s remaining port, separating it into two identical Lightning ports. That way you can plug in one set of headphones, and also your existing iphone phone 7 charger — and now you’ve got a basic solution because that listening to music and also charging her phone at the very same time.

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The adapter is nicely portable, so friend can easily stash that in her bag or pocket for usage at home, at work-related or if travelling. It’s an ext cumbersome 보다 it was through the iphone phone 6S, but such is the price that progress!

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5. Move to Bluetooth headphones


This one practically goes there is no saying, but you can elafilador.netnveniently charge her iPhone and listen elafilador.netme music at the very same time if her headphones affix over Bluetooth. This will likewise work because that Bluetooth speakers. That elafilador.neturse, you’ll still should charge her headphones / speaker at some point in the future, however it’s way more practically than using a series of adapters.

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Wrapping up

That’s every the services we have actually for now. Many thanks for checking out the page, and also I expect you found it useful!