Charlamagne Tha God royally pissed turn off the net when he took to Twitter Tuesday (Dec. 6) to fee black and also brown women with not producing a platform huge enough to combat conservative talk…


Charlamagne Tha God royally pissed turn off the internet when he took to Twitter Tuesday (Dec. 6) to charge black and brown women v not developing a platform big enough come combat conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren. Within moments, “The Breakfast Club” talking head began to trend for factors no one desires to ever before trend and also many people–including black women–collectively gathered the 36-year-old.

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The “Black Privilege” writer quickly establish the error in his ways and was publicly scolded by the likes that MTV’s “Decoded” organize Franchesca Ramsey and others, so that was just right Charlamagne take his L and also crown self “Donkey the The Day.”

“I tell you human being all the time, in life girlfriend either victory or you learn. That’s what the together stands for, learning, and last night i learned you need to be details on society media,” Charlamagne said.

Charlamagne to be corrected by a Twitter user who construed the sentiment behind his inflammatory comment, but stated the should’ve charged females of shade for not producing a news network and not use words platform. The “Brilliant Idiot” organize understood, however, that insisted merely using social media isn’t enough.


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“Social media is the engine that provides it go, we need to develop the car. The digital news network is the car, ” the radio personality said.

The strength 105.1 co-host further clarified his statement around what he really hopes to check out women of shade do and also accomplish, and likewise realized that his i can not qualify to better articulate his thoughts, resulted in an uproar online.

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“There’s a speak ‘I’m responsible for what ns say, but not for no what girlfriend understand.’ ns don’t wholeheartedly agree through that. Ns am responsible for what i say, however I have a duty to expression it in a way that you execute understand. Probably I didn’t carry out a an excellent job that doing that last night via social media.”

Charlamagne finished his spiel by giving himself the exact same hee-haw he’s offered to previous “Donkey that The Day” honorees consisting of Donald Trump, Katt Williams, Kanye West and Tomi Lahren, yet still wondered how women of color with digital a big online pressence have the right to be made bigger and their voices amplified.