Charles Barkley never ever won one NBA title, yet that won"t prevent him indigenous weighing the value of various other greats" championship résumés. 

In sir Charles" court that opinion, superstars that hoist the Larry O"Brien trophy v their original teams rank ahead of those who join forces with other stars to form a superteam.

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During an episode of "Back top top The record with Bob Costas" top top HBO earlier this week, Barkley claimed that is the primary reason why he ranks Michael Jordan front of LeBron James in the GOAT debate. Jordan, the course, winner his 6 NBA championships all through the Chicago Bulls, if James has actually won 2 in Miami, one in Cleveland and one v the Lakers. 

In fact, Barkley claims he doesn"t even rank LeBron together the No. 2 player of every time, due to the fact that James had to bolt Cleveland because that Miami to win his first two title by joining pressures with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

"LeBron is amazing. What he has actually done in the neighborhood is amazing, " Barkley claimed before adding that he likewise ranks Kobe Bryant front of James. 

"LeBron has actually stacked his teams. Let"s be realistic."

Barkley claimed he stop the exact same critique because that Kevin Durant, who won his two NBA titles after involvement Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond eco-friendly on a invited Warriors squad. And also Durant is currently chasing more titles in Brooklyn alongside All-Star guards Kyrie Irving and James Harden.

Barkley said he has actually much an ext respect because that superstars who stick with the groups that drafted them and battle v adversity, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo did v Milwaukee this summer or Dirk Nowitzki walk in Dallas in 2011.

"To go through the grind and to lose – i m sorry Michael did. When I to be watching the documentary <"The last Dance" on ESPN in 2020>, ns was like, ‘Damn, i forgot how much the Pistons beat that up.’ yet going through that struggle, that"s what off sports," the "Inside the NBA" analyst said.

"The battle is part of her legacy."

As you might imagine, given the intensity around all facets of the GOAT debate, the basketball human being had many of reaction come Barkley"s comments.

Richard Jefferson, who was part of the James-led Cavaliers team that delivered Cleveland"s only NBA championship in 2016, stated that Barkley self was no stranger to being part of a stack roster.

When Barkley was drafted through Philadelphia in 1984, he join a Sixers roster that currently featured room of Famers Moses Malone, Julius Erving and also Maurice Cheeks, and All-Star Andrew Toney. 

In 1992, Barkley to be traded to a Phoenix Suns formation that had averaged 54 wins end its previous 4 seasons. He won his just NBA MVP compensation in 1992-93 and progressed to the only NBA Finals of his career with the Suns. Barkley play his final four seasons in Houston, whereby he joined a roster that featured hall of Famers Hakeem Olajuwon and also Clyde Drexler.

Nick Wright also came come James" defense Friday on FS1"s "First things First," discussing King James had actually very little help in his first seven seasons in Cleveland, yet still carried the Cavs come an NBA Finals in 2007 and also four other trips come the eastern Conference finals. 

"What would civilization have request LeBron come do? i am just curious," wright asked. "Would they have actually liked LeBron to just stick it out in Cleveland? because this wasn"t a Durant Oklahoma City case – whereby you had actually Russ, and you had actually James Harden before they traded that away, and also Serge Ibaka.

"LeBron spent 7 years in Cleveland the first time around. The finest teammate he had actually initially was Ricky Davis. The then was Zydrunas Ilgauskas. It then was Larry Hughes. And also it culminated with Mo Williams."

Following James" leave for Miami in 2010, Cleveland finished last in its department for the next three years and also averaged just 24 wins every season.

When James reverted in 2014, he lugged the Cavs to 4 straight Finals trips, including that wonder title operation in 2016.

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If James is going to include to his four championships next season in Los Angeles, he"ll perform so with one more star-laden roster as his Lakers included Russell Westbrook to type a new power trio with Anthony Davis and James.