HOBE SOUND, FLORIDA - may 24: Charles Barkley commentates indigenous the booth during The Match: Champions for Charity in ~ Medalist Golf society on might 24, 2020 in Hobe Sound, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty images for The Match)

Charles Barkley once said “I am not a role model” in a famous Nike marketing campaign. We could need come go back and adjust that.

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The previous NBA star turned Turner sports broadcaster hasn’t shied far from speaking his mind on the issues facing this country. And also there is no issue right now bigger than the pandemic.

Barkley has actually made his think on vaccination extremely clear: Anyone who can get the vaccine should obtain the vaccine.

There are numerous in the sports civilization who have actually chosen to not obtain vaccinated for “personal” reasons. Barkley had a blunt post for those athletes.

“For united state to be selfish and also not do the efforts to aid the people get ago where we deserve to take these stupid masks off and also go the end to dinner in a full restaurant, I simply think it’s selfish,” Barkley said.

“I’ve heard these idiots talk around chips in it, and also I heard human being talking around wants to follow united state around,” Barkley added. “They can follow us roughly anyway. Everybody gained a cellphone. And an initial of all, what room you doing the you’re worried around people complying with you?”

Many in the sports civilization are appreciating Barkley’s brutal honesty.

Charles Barkley lied once he claimed he’s no a duty model…..he’s amazing!pic.twitter.com/rOGSKz1K5a

— Wu-Tang Is for The children (
WUTangKids) September 4, 2021

“You don’t gain the vaccine because that yourself. You gain it for the people about you.”

-Charles Barkley

(Role version and an excellent teammate.) https://t.co/RtpiKykKYm

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (
RexChapman) September 4, 2021

Charles Barkley, slammed pro athletes as “selfish,” for anti-vaccine stance. He stated they were among the luckiest civilization during the pandemic. They “got every single check” & stayed well-paid even as they played to north stadiums — while others lost their tasks or died from COVID

— 🅲🅰🆃 🏴‍☠️~ it is in A Patriot, obtain Vaccinated! (
RememberMeYeah) September 4, 2021

Barkley has talked some sports as of late, too. He newly addressed the Ben Simmons profession rumors.

“Let me acquire this straight. We preferred you sufficient to offer you $200 million. The only thing us asked girlfriend to it is in is a good basketball player, and also you’re a great basketball player. We’re simply asking you to shoot the ball. Now, he’s mad and wants to leave town. This is total BS,” Barkley said.

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Whether or no you agree v him, you need to respect that he’s always honest.