Over the food of 16 NBA seasons in the NBA, Charles Barkley showed to be one of the all-time greats. Amongst other superior feats, he is among just four players in NBA history to amass 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and also 4,000 assists. He garnered those outstanding numbers as among the most physically dominant power forwards the video game has ever before seen.

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Barkley was also a passionate, compete player. On much more than a few occasions, his physicality overcome the line into downright aggression, bring about fights with other players. Among Barkley’s most infamous fights, however, took location off the court. Let’s look at the incident and also seemingly little price Barkley had actually to pay because that it.

Charles Barkley’s craziest bar fight

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The struggle in concern took place in Orlando, Florida on October 26, 1997. In ~ the time, Barkley was a member the the Houston Rockets, that were in city to beat a pre-season game versus the Magic. The naturally gregarious party guy made decision to hit the city one night. He ended up at a bar by the name of Phineas Phoggs.

There, a 20-year-old building worker by the name of Jorge Lugo accosted Barkley. At simply 5-foot-2, Lugo didn’t stand much of a chance versus the 6-foot-6 Barkley. So instead of taking a swing at the big man, Lugo threw a cup complete of ice cream at him. Barkley initially ignored the provocation. But when the guy returned a short time later and threw a second glass, hitting a member that Barkley’s group, he flew right into a rage.

As it happened, an off-duty police officer was functioning at the bar, and quickly intervened. Yet Barkley refuse to earlier down. Instead, that wrestled Lugo the end of the officer’s grasp and, in a relocate straight out of expert wrestling, picked him up threw him with a plate-glass window.

Unsurprisingly, police conveniently arrested Barkley. He spent several hrs in jail prior to fellow Rockets star Clyde Drexler bailed him out. That gesture of friendship collection Drexler earlier a cool $6,000.

Barkley’s response to the fight

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In mentioning the incident, Barkley took complete responsibility because that his actions, if standing by his decision to react the way he did, according to the southern Florida sunlight Sentinel:

“I’m walk to defend myself. Let there be no debate. If you stroked nerves me, I’m going to whip your ass. The guy threw ice in my face, and also I slammed his ass right into the window. I’m not denying that. I safeguarded myself. He gained what the deserved.”

To anybody who knew Barkley, those words came as no surprise. To this day, Barkley’s candor and willingness to stick to his guns are 2 of his most characteristic personality traits.

Charles Barkley’s legal ramifications

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Barkley to be charged through a count of aggravated battery, and a count of resisting arrest there is no violence. Fortunately, Lugo had not to be seriously injured throughout the incident. A regional hospital treated him because that a boy laceration to his right arm. Lugo ultimately made decision not to press charges against Barkley.

Instead, in December, reports surfaced that Barkley reached an out-of-court civil negotiation with Lugo. The specific terms the the resolution never surfaced come the public. As for the criminal charges versus Barkley, he finished up getting off fairly light. A judge decreed that he pay a $320 fine and also do 2 community-service visits through children’s programs.

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Lugo remained adamant that he had actually never thrown anything at Barkley. However reporters soon uncovered the truth that Lugo to be an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. The had currently been arrested twice that exact same year, according to the Orlando Sentinel. In September, he to be released from jail after serving over three months on drug charges.