Basketball hall of Famer Charles Barkley was often associated in controversies during his playing days. In 1997, once Barkley was playing for Houston Rockets, he met with dispute off the court.

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Sir Charles threw a male through the window glass in a bar. It was a bar in Church Street station in Orlando. What infuriated Barkley while sitting in the bar to be a cup of ice that came flying towards him. He took the man, identified as Lugo, and threw him the end of the window,

After the incident, Barkley no shy away from admitting what he had done. And also he did no regret the incident as he felt the was simply defending himself.

“What Barkley had said as per a report from the sunlight Sentinel. “What the did was inappropriate. Ns going to defend myself. Let there be no debate. If you bother me, ns going to whip your ass. The man threw ice in mine face, and also I slammed his a** right into the window. I’m no denying that. I defended myself. He gained what he deserved.

“I’m walk to protect myself and whoever I’m v at every times,” he said. “I made that clear in my years in the NBA. I will certainly never earlier down native the public. I will certainly never back down. They room going come respect me, or i’m going to defend myself.”

Charles Barkley: A controversial figure however an NBA legend

Barkley might have had actually a couple of controversial moments yet he to be an undeniable legend in the game of basketball. He started his NBA career in 1984 v the Philadelphia 76ers. He play eight years because that the Sixers prior to moving come Phoenix Suns.

He finished his career with four years at Houston Rockets. During his 16-year career. He was a player who could play in miscellaneous roles. He does not have any type of titles to his name, however the 11-time All-Star was one of the most dominant players in the NBA.

Honoring Barkley, both Sixers and the Suns retired his No. 34 jersey. That is additionally a Basketball hall of Famer who right now works together an NBA analyst.

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